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About ME

I love my work...

I’m a Certified Career & Business Coach. ​I have 12+ years experience in personal & professional development – in education, training, counselling, coaching, business, technology & entrepreneurship. 

I have worked with students, professionals in transition, creatives, start-ups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs & business owners!

I truly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their work, to use it as a vehicle for authentic expression and to offer society and the world something unique.


Imagine a world where the majority of people love their work (instead of 85% feeling disengaged), where everyone plays to their strengths, interests, vision & ambition!


My mission is to free those ideas you keep tucked away from view...

to free your genius & unique abilties.

I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter & friend - work is not separate from life, it is intertwined with who we are and our why is what drives us...


I am a visionary, an entrepreneur & business woman - I love and embrace new ideas, new concepts, possibility, innovation and creativity.

I am passionate, empathic, enthusiastic & intuitiveI am highly skilled at bringing out the potential of others; freeing their genius & vision and leading them to their own answers.

I am a dreamer and eternal optimist - dreaming is essential when it comes to making choices for the future.

I am a 'free-range human' I knew early on that a conventional 9-5 style career was not for me. After years of trying to act out a role in various jobs - I finally decided to free myself, take control and call the shots. I realised that I have a choice, I decide what my life looks like! 

I am a student, a life-long learner...constantly open to and embracing the views, experience and perspectives of others. I love reading - I can't get enough of books and information on psychology, personal development & self help.

I am a professional, I adhere to coaching industry standards & work ethics - professionalism is the key to quality in all industries.


I understand what you're looking for... it freedom, autonomy, flexibility, balance, a sense of purpose and contribution, financial independence, authentic expression?

You're looking for Career Freedom.


I AM...