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Group Coaching Programme

Give Yourself Permission To Excel

Are you seeking change and progression in life and in your career but you’re feeling stuck and confused and need support, inspiration and motivation? 

This programme is designed to accelerate your career development and support your journey of personal and professional progression and transformation.


Imagine if life could be exactly as you want it to be – with the balance just right for you!

Imagine if you were able to structure your working life to suit you; do what you love everyday with a sense of achievement, purpose and job satisfaction!

Imagine a life and career in alignment with who you are and the impact you want to make in the world!

I invite you to jump...

I have the parachute!

Career Change Accelerator is your jumping off point – don’t worry, I am here to catch you (for now, later you’ll fly off into the sunset by yourself).

With my support you will address your blocks, rewire your mindset, embrace possibility and change, build your confidence and clarify a vision for yourself and a future that you can get excited about!


This programme brings you from:

feeling stuck, confused, drained, miserable, frustrated, doubtful & lacking direction



a place of inspiration, energy, possibility, freedom, self-belief, clarity, drive, fulfilment, purpose and a nothing can possibly stop me now feeling!

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The programme is structured to leverage the support, wisdom and shared experience of the group and provide individualised support. 


Delivered over 3 months ~


  • You have my unlimited support & advice in an exclusive FB group and the encouragement of a like-minded inspiring community to feed your inspiration & drive and share in your journey

  • 2 X Group Coaching Calls will take place on zoom per month

  • 1 x Masterclass Training session will be held per month

  • I x live Q&A per week

  • 1 x 2hr private coaching intensive with me, to map out your goals and develop an action plan to propel you forward with clarity and determination

  • You will receive workbooks, additional materials/resources throughout with exercises to deepen your development

  • As a bonus, I will be inviting special guests to come into the group to inspire us with their wisdom!


If you opt for the VIP Option – you will have 4 more 1 - 1 coaching hours to use as and when is needed on your journey.


Your Investment...

€495 ( 2 hrs 1-1 )

Payment Plan =  €165/month for 3 months

*For further savings – pay in full @ €450 

The Career Change Accelerator is for you if....

  • You’re seeking change and/or progression in your career and in your life

  • You’re full of ideas and not sure how to bring them to life

  • You’re in a current job situation that is draining you, burning you out or just doesn’t suit you

  • You are ambitious, driven, forward-thinking & you want to do something meaningful with your life!

  • You look ahead to 5 years and it's NOT OK if things haven't changed!

  • You’re lacking the confidence in yourself and don't know which direction is right for you

  • You want something different, something more, something better but you don't know what or where to start!

If not NOW, when?

Procrastination, self doubt, low self-confidence, confusion & fear can all get together, have a party and keep you from taking that first brave step forward towards the life you DO want.


I encourage you to listen to that true voice inside that knows you need change….I will help you give strength and volume to that voice and we will address those other culprits as we go too…

You might be thinking...

I don't have the time! How would I manage this programme?

If you truly want and need change in your life, the best place to start from is a committed decision to invest your time and energy in yourself!

I have spread the programme over 3 months to avoid the overwhelm of having a session every single week and to allow for you to catch up with yourself!

You will find the time when you experience the inspiration and drive that this programme gives you…and if time management is not your strength – we’ll address that too!

3 months is a drop in the ocean of your life – but 3 months can transform your future!

Are you the right person for me? Is this a good move for me?

I'm still not sure...

Let’s have a quick chat today to make sure this is a good move for you. I would never want anyone to join the community who was not fully sure it was the right place for them to be…

I created this programme because I believe everyone deserves to live and work their truth, lean into their strengths, free their genius and offer the world something unique. 

I spent far too many years in job situations that drained my energy and blocked me from truly expressing my vision and who I am, the real me!


Career Freedom is accessible for everyone - if you know in your heart of hearts that change, progression, development is needed - answer that call, you will not regret it!

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken

 ~Oscar Wilde ~

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