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Group Coaching Programme







6 Weeks of coaching, training, mindset work, inspiring like-minded people, brainstorming & strategising.

Who is it for? 

It is perfect for anyone seeking career change;  for those with entrepreneurial spirit and lots of ideas,

and for professionals who want to get creative with their career and make change a reality.

Everything Begins With An Idea

What will I get out of this coaching programme?

The focus is on HOW TO GET STARTED!

Starting out, you need to address 2 things:

Your Mindset & Your Ideas/Options

We will energise and change your mindset releasing any blocks holding you back so you can think outside the box.

This will create possibility by highlighting limiting beliefs and breaking stagnant thought patterns and behaviours that don't match what you really want. 


We will brainstorm your ideas and options - all in the context of increased self-knowledge. We will support each other with feedback on this shared experience.


We will stretch you out of that comfort zone that's killing your spirit and set you up for a growth mindset that will realign you with your values and allow you to fully express who you are

and who you want to become!

Group Coaching Calls Online
1 - 1
Strategy Session
Video Training
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accountability &
strategy support

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Let's do this!

Stop waiting around for the right time - it is not going to come!

NOW is powerful, the present is where it's at.

One action leads to another - one brainstorming session and perspective shift leads to more growth and more inspiration!

 I'm an advocate of DREAMING BIG

but you have to take action alongside your dreams

- if not, they will remain wishes in the ether and your potential will never be realised.