I have lots of ideas 

but no direction

Overwhelmed & Stuck?

Are you full of great ideas for moving forward in your life, so many in fact that you never do anything about it?


You're energised by your ideas, whether they are business/entrepreneurial or career change ideas, yet it feels so overwhelming and so 'pie-in-the-sky' that you don't take action on any of them?!

Perhaps your ideas consume & distract you to the point where you feel like you're living one life but yearning for another?


Another month goes by, another birthday passes you and you still haven't acted on your dreams, which leaves you feeling frustrated, disappointed in yourself and less than motivated!

You need clarity & direction, structure and support to explore and strategise all that creativity and drive...and well, a little fire under you to do something about it.


Imagine If...


You give yourself the time and permission to explore your ideas & dreams, you prioritise your own development and as a result you feel empowered to take action.

Your drive and passion is back in the game and your creativity has reawakened.

Life is fun again and your future has opened up  - your confidence is on the rise, your vision is expanding and you feel energised and inspired by the prospects ahead.

Open your mind and heart to possibility... 

It is possible.

Go from feeling overwhelmed, confused and stuck-in-a-rut, to feeling empowered, full of direction & building on your ideas, vision and dreams! 

OK, Let's do this

- how does coaching work?

 VIP 1 - 1 Coaching  

Coaching is a partnership -

I join you on your journey of personal development, exploration and career development.


I guide, feedback, observe, support, strategise with you, brainstorm with you,

offer my insight and provide exercises/tools, structure & accountability.


It is however, your journey. You are always in the driver's seat.


I work with my clients on a monthly basis - 2 scheduled sessions per month as well as ongoing support as required in between sessions.


My aim for you includes - but is never limited to - 

  • build your confidence & courage towards taking action

  • become unstuck, regain motivation - clear stagnant energies

  • increase your self-knowledge - reconnect to your true self

  • brainstorm & explore your ideas & options

  • embrace change, possibility, opportunity - strategise for your future

You will get wholehearted committed support from me in this brand new chapter of your life.

Your Investment

€295 per month.

(3 months recommended to begin)

The world needs you!


Don't let your contribution to the world be overshadowed by ifs and buts and maybes. 

Your skills, creativity and ingenuity are needed!


Embrace the support you need and let your strengths shine – none of us can do this alone.


I'm not sure if this process is worth the investment of my time and energy and finances…?

The power in a committed decision to invest time, energy and money in yourself will surprise you.

If my words are resonating with you, ask yourself; How could I not take action? What is the cost of doing nothing and remaining the same?

I would never commit to working with someone unless it feels right. Let's chat so I can help you figure it out.

I'm not sure the time is right...?

The time is never right, like any big moves in life. Waiting for the right time is procrastinating.

It never feels like the right time to step out of your comfort zone and do something scary, vulnerability is hard but it is the basis of growth & fulfilment.​

I often get the feedback ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’ There’s no time like the present to embrace a transformative process.

Are you the right person for me?

Let’s have a quick chat today to make sure this is a good move for you, we will both be able to tell pretty quickly if it is a good fit. You can learn a little more About Me & hear what other people's experience has been like - Testimonials Don't hesitate to contact me with any further questions.

Do you have any free resources I could get started with myself?

Yes - I have created a Free Career Change Roadmap which outlines the first essential stops on your exciting journey! Check it out, it will be really useful. Wondering if you are an Entrepreneur at Heart? Take the Quiz HERE. You can follow me on social for lots of useful resources and information and join the facebook community Career Change Central to be around like minded people on a similar journey. Check out my blog.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken

 ~Oscar Wilde ~

Email: info@sineadraffertycoaching.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

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