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Because I get it!

I understand what you're looking for...

you want Freedom, Autonomy, Flexibility, Work-Life Balance,

a feeling of Purpose and Contribution, Financial Independence

and Authentic Expression of who you are.


I knew early on that a conventional 9-5 style career was not for me.

At 16 I wondered why a 5 day week was necessary,

at 25 I wanted flexibility around my schedule and location.


In my 30s, I finally decided to take control and call the shots for myself. 

I realised – I have a choice, I decide what my life looks like!

I chose Freedom, Autonomy, Creativity, Authenticity, Flexibility, Independence!

I was always thinking like an entrepreneur, but I didn’t know it.

I had a misconception that an entrepreneur had to invent something new or come up with the next big thing in technology! Now I know that the call for a creative, forward-thinking, flexible career was underpinning all my choices and my craving for freedom and autonomy was driving me forward.

I was a closet entrepreneur – are you?!

Is it an easy path? No.

Any entrepreneur will tell you that it is not an easy ride;

it is not for those who want to sit back and let others absorb the stress

and decision-making and planning.

It is for those who have passion, vision, resilience,

a sense of impatience, a sense of that’s just not good enough,

an eager, relentless hunger for challenge, newness, innovation and change.

Social entrepreneurship is on the rise - our identity is embedded in how we express our point of view and our contribution to society.


​I have worked in Career Development for over a decade – in the areas of education, training, counselling, coaching, business, technology and entrepreneurship.

I’m a Certified Career & Business Coach - I am highly skilled at bringing out the potential of others; inspiring, encouraging, supporting, empowering and leading others to find their own answers, live their best lives.

All my expertise and experience, knowledge and insight - from 20 years of work and 10+ different industries! -  comes together in my work.

I practice what I preach - I am an entrepreneur!


Unhappy at work is a serious thing...

it impacts every area of your life.

Life and work are not separate, 

compromising on one is compromising on both.

My mission... free your incredible ideas & bring your vision to life!

I love working with creative, innovative forward-thinkers;

entrepreneurs who have a natural drive and open-minded approach and truly want to make an impact on the world. 

I want to open the window in your mind to let in the light on your ideas!