Are you Taking Responsibility for your Happiness?

I'm talking about your HAPPINESS.

I know what it’s like to feel misaligned, unfulfilled or downright unhappy at work.

You wonder if there’s a way out – but you have responsibilities, you have a family or loved ones depending on you, you have to pay the rent or the mortgage, you need predictability and you can’t go off chasing your dreams when there’s so much real life going on around you.

Sound familiar?

While I can’t deny there’s endless truth in all those statements – there’s also a truth at play that you are not recognising. Ready for it?

You are not taking responsibility for your own happiness.

You're looking after everyone and everything else, but where does your happiness and wellbeing come in?

You’ll think about it when the bills are all paid or when you’re in retirement?!

It takes courage to take responsibility for your own happiness. It takes courage to stand up for your own wellbeing especially when you've become accustomed to being bottom of the priority list.

I find there’s a misconception out there that career change or career progression in your life is some sort of black and white affair.