Bring Your Vision To Life…

Updated: Jul 14

Everything begins with an idea.

Everything you see around you, every product and service, the internet and all the technology in your life, every societal system – it all began as an idea, a thought in someone’s mind. These ideas were then explored, examined, tested, innovated on – they evolved over time to take form and become. They started out as concepts – clarity, focus, planning, risk, trial and error and in many cases a leap of faith was required to bring them into being.

This process would not be possible without dreaming and visioning.

A dream is defined as a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal and visioning is defined as the action of developing a plan, goal, or vision for the future.

In the context of career planning, both are required – self knowledge is essential so we can define and clarify our aspirations, and committed decision and focused, consistent action is required for results to come about.

Do you think the greatest minds in history, the change makers, inventors, social trail blazers and visionaries were thinking small or letting limitations get in their way?

No, they allowed their dreams and vision to take shape – they believed in their vision (often ahead of their time) and gave them the focus that was needed to bring them into existence.

Ask The Right Questions

Q. What doubts do you have right now? What limitations are you convinced are in your way – between you and your vision, between you and success/fulfilment?

Sometimes it can be really difficult to define how we’d like to live our lives, or what we’d like to do with our time – often, people go around in circles asking the wrong questions…

When working with my clients we examine the subject of Life’s Vision in many ways; life’s journey-to-date (you have to know where you’re coming from to know where you’re going), the future self and the wisdom that lies therein, peak experiences both positive and negative. I ask questions such as: