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Bring Your Vision To Life…

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Everything begins with an idea.

Everything you see around you, every product and service, the internet and all the technology in your life, every societal system – it all began as an idea, a thought in someone’s mind. These ideas were then explored, examined, tested, innovated on – they evolved over time to take form and become. They started out as concepts – clarity, focus, planning, risk, trial and error and in many cases a leap of faith was required to bring them into being.

This process would not be possible without dreaming and visioning.

A dream is defined as a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal and visioning is defined as the action of developing a plan, goal, or vision for the future.

In the context of career planning, both are required – self knowledge is essential so we can define and clarify our aspirations, and committed decision and focused, consistent action is required for results to come about.

Do you think the greatest minds in history, the change makers, inventors, social trail blazers and visionaries were thinking small or letting limitations get in their way?

No, they allowed their dreams and vision to take shape – they believed in their vision (often ahead of their time) and gave them the focus that was needed to bring them into existence.

Ask The Right Questions

Q. What doubts do you have right now? What limitations are you convinced are in your way – between you and your vision, between you and success/fulfilment?

Sometimes it can be really difficult to define how we’d like to live our lives, or what we’d like to do with our time – often, people go around in circles asking the wrong questions…

When working with my clients we examine the subject of Life’s Vision in many ways; life’s journey-to-date (you have to know where you’re coming from to know where you’re going), the future self and the wisdom that lies therein, peak experiences both positive and negative. I ask questions such as:

· How would you like to be remembered?

· How would like to look back on life as a 90 year old?

· What kind of life is it that you want to live?

· What is your unique vision for your life?

· What would life look like if everything were exactly as you’d like it to be?

· What three words describe your vision of success for your future?

By asking the right questions, your answers will come to the fore.

You are the author of your own life

There are many many chapters to write – don’t get bogged down in one chapter or let it define the whole story and don’t let a blank page put you off – start writing and see where the chapter brings you!

Stepping out of the norm or out of your comfort zone is challenging and can be scary – but so many people stare at the possibilities life could offer and never take that first step towards what they truly want out of life. Don’t live to regret it - go after the vision of life you know is your truth.

Bring Your Vision Into Focus

There are lots of ways to bring your vision into focus – a vision board is very effective, it gives you the chance to explore and gain clarity and focus around your ideas. It is a visual representation of what it is you want to achieve – it allows you to plan ahead, set intentions and goals and to uncover and express in tangible form – your WHY!

Journaling can unlock a lot of your thoughts and ideas. Ultimately, any activity or experience that allows you to express yourself or feel inspired; or feel properly like you (!) will give you some insight into what you love, what lights you up and what is driving you.

The importance of visioning and dreaming is often underestimated, we are all so busy – I see people all the time who get bogged down in logistics and practicalities and forget to dream!! In order to take strides forward, we first need to dream big without limitation and then go about goal setting and planning to bring our vision to life.

I want you to dream big for yourself – allow your mind to explore ideas and possibilities – think big – what you focus on expands.

What is your ideal? Start there.

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