Decide to be happy. What is mindset anyway?

Updated: Jul 7

...and how does it affect our daily lives?

Decide to be Happy - is it that simple?

The concept of mindset is pretty prevalent in our modern lives these days, isn't it? But have you asked yourself lately - what is mindset anyway?! What does it mean for me?

Lets’ begin with the definition of mindset in the dictionary – always a reliable place to start eh?

Mindset ‘is an established set of attitudes held by someone’.

OK – so that begs the question - how do we establish these attitudes and beliefs about life and about ourselves?

Does it accumulate due to life experience and our individual journey that has brought us to where we are today? Is it about what has happened in life - to us, for us, by us?

What do you think?

We can all fall victim to feeling like the victim in our own story (when really we are the hero!), as if life happens to us and we are merely a passive bystander. Are you a passive bystander in your life? Are you a participant or are you the creator? Are you in the passenger seat or are you the pilot?

Mindset is about CHOICE. Yes, life is tough, and the reality is that of course there is pain and suffering and struggle in life, but your choice of being – your mindset, frames your experience.

Mindset is about making a committed decision in your own life and following through on that decision - directly impacting how you choose to live your life.

Who do you choose to be?

Who do you choose to be with?

What do you choose to do with your time?

The decisions you make dictate your mindset and your mindset dictate your decisions – oh yes, clear as mud as always 😊

You can decide to be happy. And you can take responsibility for that happiness.

Master My Thoughts

Our life experience stems back to our thought processes – and we are in charge of them. We are often under the impression that we aren’t – but we are.

All you have to do is observe your thought patterns to see if they are serving you – if they are not serving you – you have got to change them. It’s actually that simple. It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes time and….anyone?....a committed decision to change them but it is absolutely possible!

I read a book when I was in my early 20s called Stop Thinking, Start Living by Richard Carlson. My mum gave me the book as a gift, obviously in her wisdom she could see the overthinking that was ruling my emotional state on a daily basis. It was pivotal for me. Is that dramatic to say? Maybe yes, but I have had lots of pivotal moments reading books – some self help, some philosophical, some biographical and lots on psychology. Stop thinking, Start Living gave me one of my first aha moments as we like to call them in coaching.

I was intrigued and delighted to learn that I control my thoughts, not the other way around.

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

The thing is – our thoughts dictate how we feel, and our feelings dictate how we behave – how we behave dictates how we experience the world and how the world experiences us. How we are in the world is the world we create for ourselves. This is the basis of the law of attraction – the power of which is now scientifically proven – incredible stuff!

We attract how we are, we attract the frequency of what we are experiencing and how we are being.

Would you agree ? we’re back to my earlier point – thoughts lead to beliefs which lead to behaviours and expectations of the world which ultimately reinforce our thoughts and keep us in a perpetual state of whatever our first thought was!! Riddle me that! :P

As Tony Robbins points out – we are the only creatures on earth that can make ourselves feel like s**t or feel good with our own thoughts.

Decide today that you are 100% responsible for your life and your experience of it – no matter what happens to you.

Decide to be happy. It sounds simplistic - the answer you're looking for may well be that simple - handing you back control, empowering you to be the leader in your own life!

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