Don't put me in a box ! Are you fighting for your limitations?

Don’t you just hate it when someone puts you in a box?

...when they categorise or define you in a limiting way?

It’s frustrating, as you’re most likely someone who likes to think outside-the-box, or do you ditch the box to begin with!?

So why is it OK to put limitations on yourself

– and worse still – fight for those limitations?

It sounds crazy but we all do it, especially at times when we feel stuck, fearful or confused about the future.

Let me give you an example.

Recently I had a call with a client – a really dynamic, open-minded person with a skillset the length of her arm, a great personality, a can-do attitude in general but she was putting a lot of energy into consciously settling for less than what she deserved.

She was arguing for her own limitations, standing up for all the reasons why she could NOT move forward. She was defending her challenges and frustrations in life.

She was determined to hold onto patterns of thought and behaviour that were keeping her playing smaller than she was capable of. It’s like she was trying to trap her own potential.