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Erin Kelly- Intuitive healer & creator of starflower botanica - 'Inspire Me' Interview

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Are you in need of some energy healing?

Have you been wondering how flower essences and crystals work in terms of healing the emotional, physical and mental body?

Are you interested in bringing your own holistic services to the world but you’re not sure how to go about it?

'Inspire Me' provides a platform for forward-thinking, dynamic and innovative professionals and business owners to share their career journey, insights, knowledge & wisdom - to inspire us all!

To inspire our December, Erin Kelly, intuitive healer and creator pf starflower botanica is joining us to give us some insight into vibrational energy, vibrational healing and the power that lies in nature!

Erin is an intuitive reader, artist, reiki healer and flower essence maker living in Wicklow, Ireland.

She has over 10 years’ experience in the area of healing & vibrational energy.

She has recently setup Starflower Botanica - an etsy shop full of magical potions - literally. She makes her own blends of flower essences - potent energy infused blends.

Flower essences are infusions made from the flowering part of a plant, left to steep in sunlight or moonlight. They work by healing the energy field of the human body, which consequently heals the emotional, mental and physical body.

For each blend, she takes into consideration the environment, time of year, astrological significance and lunar cycles and also infuses them with crystals that resonate well with the plant (e.g. rose quartz, amethyst, larimar etc… )

As a client of Erin’s I can attest to her incredible abilities for healing and energy clearing – she is phenomenal at what she does. I cannot wait to get my hands on these essences to explore the magic in them!

Join us to drink in the magic and inspiration....

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