Feeling the 2020 Burnout? Gain back your strength...

Updated: Jul 14

2020 has seriously thrown us about - talk about shock and chaos and unpredictability and extremes. There seems to be extremes everywhere at the moment -it is either too much work and pressure or none at all.

Life has been challenging in a new way for everyone this year. How has it effected you?

I have noticed a pattern lately with a lot of my clients (and in my own personal life) - the exhaustion and pressures from the year are catching up with us all - dealing with burnout is a conversation I have had a lot this month.

We are all dealing with added pressures on our daily lives these past 8 months as well as a mental, emotional and spiritual rollercoaster of uncertainty, demands, mixed feelings, anxieties and changes. There has been an underlying insidious current to the constantly shifting tides which has left us all feeling ungrounded to say the least.

Frustrations have arisen in all areas of life – home and family life, from the anxiety for the wellbeing of family members to the impact on our kids and young people.

Pressures and obstacles around work & business, finances, planning for the future.

A gaping hole in our social circles, not seeing friends and