Give Yourself Permission to Pause & Adjust

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Change isn't easy...especially when we don’t choose it.

March 2020 has brought us into a new reality that no one expected. We are facing change in every area of our lives, personal, professional, recreational, social…

This pandemic is a game-changer for absolutely everyone.

Have you noticed how everyone is thinking a little differently, communicating more, reassessing what is truly important and how everything has slowed down?! We will get past this crisis and we will move on, and when we do it will be interesting to see what changes and fresh ways of thinking we bring with us.

Change can leave us feeling overwhelmed and ungrounded which is not an easy place to be. How have you been reacting to everything? How have the changes affected you, your thinking, your emotional state and your stress levels?!

My work revolves around change and how people react to it. Usually there's a process involved, one we trigger ourselves, willingly. But when change happens to us, when it is not instigated by us - it can leave us feeling vulnerable, confused and well, a bit all over the place! But that's OK.

It's not entirely different to experiencing grief - life as we know it has been stripped away - and in a short period of time - so we are feeling the shock of that to begin with. Then comes a myriad of fear, anger, frustration, denial, rejection. This mix of emotions can really throw us about and with the added pressures of having to stay home with kids or family, we