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Grateful for my mulled wine - Happy Christmas!

In my work as an alignment coach, my focus is on alignment, happiness & fulfilment in life and in work and at this time of year it is essential to shine a light on the power of gratitude.

Take 10 minutes over Christmas to reflect back on 2021 and write down 21 things that you are grateful for – keep going until you get 21 !

Calling in gratitude not only relieves stress and takes you out of a lack mindset, it also contributes to the flow of success and abundance in your life – enabling and encouraging a growth mindset which transforms how you experience your life, how you respond to the world and how you make decisions.

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t been knocked about in some shape or form this year as a result of Covid and times are very very strange - the anxiety and the relentless changes and anticipation of the unknown is weighing on us all.

It is not within your power to control what’s happening but it is within your power to stop for a moment, breathe and take in the abundance already present in your life - all the blessings and all the things that are going well – however small, it might be the cosy nights in with a Christmas movie & some mulled wine or it might be the gratitude for video calls to be able to see your loved ones who you can’t physically be with this Christmas.

Being mindful of your level of gratitude attracts only positivity.

I am grateful for:

  1. My kids & their crazy wee ways – the craic never stops.

  2. My husband – who knows me so very well.

  3. My family – who are tirelessly supportive.

  4. My friends who I do not see enough but with whom the connection never fads.

  5. My home – warm, cosy, calm, peaceful.

  6. Where I live – the beauty of the coast and countryside. (Donegal, Ireland)

  7. Winter – I LOVE winter, I love candles, fires, Christmas lights, movies, warm drinks…maybe I’m Danish ! lol

  8. Great food – it is amazing how much choice we have !

  9. Coffee – so soothing and delicious.

  10. The magic of Christmas – the kids live in the present moment – join them there!

  11. Freedom – sounds a little lofty – but so many came before us fighting for the freedom and peace we experience.

  12. My health – something never to be taken for granted.

  13. Opportunities – they are all around us and will continue to flow – put yourself in a position to recognise them!

  14. Hindsight – isn’t it mad how much we can learn from looking back? It’s true what they say – hindsight is 20/20 vision!

  15. The beach & winter sea – winter walks on the beach are the BEST!

  16. Music – Christmas songs are so very nostalgic – talk about travelling back in time!

  17. Meditation – don’t underestimate the power the calming your mind and going within.

  18. Teachers – to everyone who has taught me something new this year – thank you!

  19. The internet – imagine a pandemic without the connection we have !

  20. Hope – hold onto it – look ahead!

  21. Plans – looking ahead and setting goals is giving flight to that hope!

Happy Christmas everyone, whatever this time of year means to you - enjoy.

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