Gratitude & Career Success!

Updated: Jul 14

I talk a lot about visioning and dreaming and creating a compelling future for yourself. Where does it start though? Is it all waiting for you tomorrow, next week, next year or when the conditions are just right?

How do we connect our lives as they are NOW with our desired future and how do we ensure that our today is contributing to the tomorrow that we want? The answer lies in practising gratitude.

Making conscious, committed decisions that lead to change, forming new habits and adopting a new mindset are all essential ingredients to success and fulfilment but it all begins with taking stock and appreciating life as it is; actively and consciously being grateful for the blessings in your life; the positive aspects of life (and work) that make you feel happy.

Gratitude is the ultimate proactive approach you can take to furthering your happiness, contentment and fulfilment levels.

‘It puts all in perspective doesn’t it?’

We’ve all experienced that moment when we receive bad news or hear of a rough time someone is experiencing – it stops us in our tracks and shifts our perspective and energy. Immediately, our so-called problems and challenges are reframed and seem minute in comparison.

The stress of family life returns to being a blessing, too much work, too many presents to buy, too many parties to attend – all return to being the blessings they are when we put them in perspective!

It is human nature to take for the granted that which brings us happiness (known in psychology as hedonic adaptation). When you have a positive happy experience in life – e.g. move into a new house, buy a new pair of shoes or even meet someone special, after the initial excitement and spike in happiness, you get used to whatever makes you feel happy - it becomes normal, you take it for granted. You get caught up in the everyday grind and become reactive to your circumstances.

But, if you choose (you have a choice) to frame things with gratitude - your world becomes a different place. The power of actively being grateful allows us to create a new pattern of thinking.

Through gratitude, we become greater participants in our lives as opposed to passengers or spectators.