How brilliant are you? Do you give yourself enough credit?

Do you give yourself enough credit?

The answer is probably not. I see it in ALL my clients; they underestimate, downplay or downright dismiss their capabilities & talent. We are back to my old favourite – it is difficult to see the wood for the trees in your own situation.

I have spoken to youth workers who think it’s no big deal to work with troubled teens, midwives who see supporting childbirth as a natural calling and production managers who see complex logistics as a walk in the park.

Could you work with troubles teens, help a mother bring her baby into the world or organise a production involving 100s of components?!

These are just a few examples of how we naturally dismiss our own talent; the skills or traits we view as ‘normal’ are so very challenging and so very valuable to others.

Humility, of course, is an admirable trait, but a healthy, confident humility is what we should be aiming for, which includes a recognition of what we can offer our industry, workplace or business in a way that others cannot. This is on my mind this week as I had my own ‘aha’ moment when I was reading back on some old content and realised I was giving myself zero credit for the amount of dedication, commitment and progress I have made in my own life and business in the past year or two.

As a coach I have oodles of knowledge on personal growth and development but