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How Entrepreneurial Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out.

Do you ever wonder about entrepreneurship?

Do you ever dream of working for yourself, making a greater impact or even changing the world?

Check out my Quiz HERE to see just how Entrepreneurial You Are!

Let's look at what entrepreneurship is.

In today’s world, the definition of ‘entrepreneur’ and how people use it has become a lot more fluid than in the past.

So what's the difference between business owner, self-employed, freelancer & entrepreneur?

A business owner (obviously) is someone who owns a business – the professional work is carried out by that person and/or their team. You will find very creative entrepreneurial business owners as well as more traditional business owners. (it depends on the industry)

Someone who is self-employed provides products or services to others, you can be a self-employed business owner or a Freelancer.

Going freelance means you are hired to work for various organisations, on various projects or assignments.

An entrepreneur, in the traditional sense of the word, takes financial risk to create, improve, disrupt or change something. Entrepreneurs tend to be ideas people, change-makers, innovators and opportunists.

There are also lots of types of entrepreneur. Here are some examples:

A social entrepreneur is focused on helping and improving the world around them – communities, people, the environment – they want to create a benefit to society through their products and services – they are not necessarily focused on money/profit.

A start-up company take a unique idea and seek to scale and expand, usually with the help of investors, so they can reach multiple markets. A strong team in a startup is essential, but that doesn’t mean every member is equally ‘entrepreneurial’.

A solopreneur is a change-maker on a smaller scale but none-the-less powerful in terms of their impact to those around them; they leverage their experience and creativity.

A ‘mompreneur’ is a powerhouse balancing motherhood with working from home or running her business – utilising her ninja multi-tasking skills to create her own success.

An intrapreneur is an employee within an organisation who is entrepreneurial, forward-thinking and is always pushing the boundaries for the company they work for.

You can be in full-time employment and be entrepreneurial in your approach to work – this is what I mean by entrepreneurial spirit.

*And this is the main point I want to make - it is the level of entrepreneurial spirit that is being satisfied or not that dictates career fulfilment for any professional.

When you are feeling restricted in your workplace due to ethos or traditional ways of doing things, this can be hugely frustrating.

I found myself in that camp far too many times over the years – this is how I learned about my own entrepreneurial spirit and decided to follow my own aligned path.

I am both a business-owner and entrepreneur. As a business owner I run my coaching business (which I love) - I empower others to follow their dreams and highest potential in life. To run my business, I call on my entrepreneurial spirit on a daily basis.

I am also co-founder of a start-up educational technology company and we are on a journey towards impacting how technology is used and maximised in the modern classroom. This is entrepreneurial spirit directed in a very different way.

My skills, goals and ambitions are relevant to and apply in both cases.

I get to spend my days making things happen; acting on and supporting the potential I see with both my clients and potential partners in business.

My top values are met and I enjoy what I call 'Career Alignment'.

Akin to Career Fulfilment, Career Freedom is about putting your own stamp on your working day, tuning in and knowing your unique offering. How can you make a powerful impact? Direct your career planning and strategy based on that knowledge.

Don’t let the jobs market or your assumptions about the way things are done stop you from following your instinct and going after the career freedom you desire, especially if you are entrepreneurial!

Book a free call here if you’d like some help putting a little shape on your thoughts, goals, ambitions.

Check out my Quiz HERE to see just how Entrepreneurial You Are!

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