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Let's look at what entrepreneurship is.

In today’s world, the definition of ‘entrepreneur’ and how people use it has become a lot more fluid than in the past.

So what's the difference between business owner, self-employed, freelancer & entrepreneur?

A business owner (obviously) is someone who owns a business – the professional work is carried out by that person and/or their team. You will find very creative entrepreneurial business owners as well as more traditional business owners. (it depends on the industry)

Someone who is self-employed provides products or services to others, you can be a self-employed business owner or a Freelancer.

Going freelance means you are hired to work for various organisations, on various projects or assignments.

An entrepreneur, in the traditional sense of the word, takes financial risk to create, improve, disrupt or change something. Entrepreneurs tend to be ideas people, change-makers, innovators and opportunists.