How to make your Dream Career a Reality

Updated: Jul 14

Dreaming of the Future

How good are you at dreaming and visualising the future you want to create for yourself?

How would you answer the old classic ‘where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?’

Take a moment to write down your answer...

Dreaming is essential to career planning in order to form a vision for yourself and to go about making it happen.

Some people are really good at dreaming, it comes naturally to them, they can bring their desired future into focus without too much effort – let’s call these people (shocker) the Dreamers.

Then you have the people who are extremely logical about life, they seek facts and reason and they are not drawn to dreaming in the same way. Let’s call these people the Realists.

Most people will of course fall somewhere in the middle but let’s look at the two extremes to understand the process of bringing your dream future into being.

Dreamers can dream too much and Realists can forget to dream at all. Which one do you identify with the most?

Are you a Dreamer?

Are you a dreamy dreamer dreaming away and enjoying the potential of it all, basking in what could be, someday, out there in the future….when the time is right, when the circumstances are right, when the kids get a big bigger, when I feel financially stable, when the COVID crisis passes, when I