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How to set your ideas free!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Does this sound familiar?

You have an idea or several ideas; they stay with you, you protect them by tucking them away – you play around with them in your head from time-to-time, you dismiss them or laugh at yourself for being 'silly' or 'unrealistic' but you hope in your heart of hearts that one day, maybe, one day you’ll bring them into the light. But not today - yeah, probably not today.

You should know, those ideas are gasping for air – they need oxygen and light in order to survive! You are stifling them, and keeping them out of sight, away from view has become a habit. It's time to break that habit!

So here are my 5 steps for bringing your ideas out of the shadows and giving them the kiss of life!

1. Your idea needs oxygen - how can you give it the oxygen it requires? Tell someone about it – putting it into words, making it a real living thing in the world and not just something in your head will be transformative for your idea and for your perspective on it.

2. What’s your vision for it? Is it allowed to become part of your life, your world? Imagine, just for a minute that this avenue, this train of thought is given more of your attention and energy – imagine if it is part of your life. What does that feel like? Your ideas have no chance if you don't make room for them in your life.

3. A good brainstorming session is what ideation is all about – mind mapping or a spider diagram or a pros and cons list or a few sketches. Put pen to paper and enjoy the brainstorming creative process.

4. PAUSE. Let it all sit, staring at it for too long repetitively doesn’t allow any room for the oxygen to take effect. An idea is like a seedling – it needs constant attention yes – light, water, food, acceptance and love but it also needs patience and peace and a chance to grow and unfold.

5. Rinse and Repeat!

Do you recognise yourself in these steps at all? Are you feeling stuck at all?

Tell me about your ideas - I love hearing new ideas. You can avail of my FREE 30 minute strategy session - no strings attached - a powerful starting point for you. The objectivity I bring as a coach gives you and your ideas the space you need to breathe and explore.

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