I have worked in 10+ different industries (on my search for freedom) and here’s what I learned...

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

I have worked in 10+ different industries (on my search for freedom) and here’s what I learned about Career Preferences.

Throughout my career; my colourful work history, I have worked in

Hospitality (I think a lot of us began there)

Sales & Retail

Teaching & Training


Coaching (of course!!)

Youth Work

Career Guidance




Event Management


Music Performance

So what did I learn?

1. I identified my values – I could feel when I was aligned with them - feeling content, energised, enthusiastic. And I could feel when I was living in conflict with them - frustration, exhaustion, boredom!

For me, Freedom, Autonomy, Variety & Novelty (i.e. I love all things NEW) are top of the list!

My work today, thankfully is in alignment with all of these.

2. I learned what environment suited me and what environment drained my energies and left me feeling dull and heavy. Offices don’t work for me, big crowds not so much either. I learned I was an extroverted introvert! Or an ambivert, as the term goes!

3. I learned about my varied and broad-reaching skillset. I gathered and gathered skills, perspective, experience, knowledge and never once was a moment wasted in any of the jobs or environments. I bring it all to the table in my work today.

The ultimate learning point though and the one I’d love for you to take away with you today is this:

Everyone dismisses what they’re good at as ‘normal’. Everyone underestimates their value, their contribution, their uniqueness. It’s normal for them so they label it as ‘normal, or not so special’ and often take no action to shine!

I underestimated my skills and gifts for years – I’m still working on recognising them highly valuable to others!

Don’t dismiss your genius – don’t dismiss the ideas in the back of your mind – they will set you free!

Do you have trouble getting clear on your zone of genius?!

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