Inspire Me Dee Hennessy - mindfulness coach -Call in the Calm

Are feeling stressed out these days overthinking, feeling anxious? (who isn't eh?)

Do you work with people – social care, healthcare, teaching, counselling, supporting people in any way?

This one is for you.

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Mindfulness Coach Dee Hennessy joins me to Call in the Calm - she taught us so much about mindfulness and stress management.

She talked through 5 steps to bring yourself 'home to calm' - practices you can implement today to take charge of your stress levels and overall state.

We discussed ancient wisdom, neuroscience and the resilience we have as human beings - a resilience that needs potecting.

With a background in Social Care & Community Development, Dee helps passionate career women in human care professions to move from stress to greater wellbeing and success without adding to their workload.

Dee has practiced mindfulness since 2000, teaching and leading retreats across Ireland, in Wales, Germany and USA.