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Keep the Resolve & Determination (Ditch the Resolutions)

January is just over the horizon – it’s freshness, newness and potential sitting waiting for you.

A brand new year – and after the one we’ve just had, brand new seems more attractive than ever.

Hope is up, positivity and optimism is setting in and you are feeling determined, you are focused and resolved to make a change in your life for the better, to move forward, align with the right path for you and take the bull by the horns.

Am I right?! Are you feeling it?

This resolve and determination is feeding into your motivation levels, this resolve flows when something in you is ready for the new…

Christmas gives us a chance to press the pause button so we gain perspective and headspace and it feels like newness and change is more doable than ever, and so it is - the trick is to harness your resolve, harness this determination and motivation you are currently feeling.

Resolutions are Temporary

New Year's resolutions tend to be fleeting in our lives because we have made no effort to incorporate them into our reality beyond the first 2 weeks of January.

I am not dissing resolve, just the resolutions that never last (you know this anyway)...

So for 2021, turn that resolve into focused committed decision-making and consistent action.

By focusing in on your goals and intentions for the year ahead, the perspective and resolve you have gathered will work for you.

Rome wasn't built in a day, all things worth doing and achieving take time...and the journey is often the best part but sometimes our impatience is like having blinkers on - and we can miss the magic entirely!

Settling into the journey and the unfolding of the new is an enlightening and satisfying experience.

Discipline Reframe!

There is lots of advice out there that motivation must turn to discipline so we can achieve our goals...and while I agree that there is logic to this, it has never sat well with me. (If discipline is your thing, brilliant! Go for it!)

I am not a fan of this word, it's always seemed forced to me, it needs a needs effort. Of course it is just a word, just a label so I am the one giving it association. So I like to reframe it:

When you are in a state of flow and openness, when you embrace full self-awareness and true alignment and being true to yourself, there's no need for discipline. flow, acceptance and truth propels you forward, like the wind in your sails, almost like you have no choice...

FREE Workshop

Does this resonate with you?

If so, you might enjoy the FREE Empower Your Dreams Workshop (+ Goal Setting Workbook) I am hosting on 14th January at 1pm.

Empower your dreams, bring your vision into focus & map out the most impactful goals for 2021 - let's kick off the new year with motivation, focus and optimism...

This workshop will give you the chance to reconnect with your dreams and vision, map out focused and effective goal setting and get your mindset in check to empower the year ahead.

Make 2021 matter - don't wait any longer to live the life you want, the one you deserve and the one that reflects who you truly are.

Sign up here:

I will send you your FREE goal setting workbook in advance of the workshop.

Happy New Year!

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