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Liz Maguire- digital marketer & curator of vintage love letterS 'Inspire Me' Interview

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Do you ever feel like you have too many ideas & far too little time?

Are you keen to find work that excites you, that feeds into your purpose and passion?

Do you want to let go of the procrastination that is keeping you stuck?

'Inspire Me' provides a platform for forward-thinking, dynamic and innovative professionals and business owners to share their career journey, insights, knowledge & wisdom - to inspire us all!

To inspire our November Liz Maguire joins us to discuss all things ideas 7 how to move them forward!

Digital marketer by day and curator of vintage love letters by night! Flea Market Love Letters is an online archive of vintage love letters which Liz started in 2017.

Liz describes herself as high-energy and speaks often about how that can manifest itself as its own unique form of procrastination -- too many ideas, too little time.

Liz and I discuss procrastination and why it is that so many of us hold back on our incredible ideas.

Liz also shares her experience of coaching (with me) and how it helped her to reassess and change her perspective, which allowed her to go out there and shine doing what she does best!

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