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Marie Morris, Spiritual Guide & Intuitive Coach- 'Inspire Me' Interview

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Do you want to embrace your authentic self & reframe ‘change’ in your life?

Are you seeking a sense of flow rather than resistance?

Do you feel a calling to reconnect to your inner wisdom and true life’s purpose?

'Inspire Me' provides a platform for forward-thinking, dynamic and innovative professionals and business owners to share their career journey, insights, knowledge & wisdom - to inspire us all!

Marie Morris works in the area of spiritual/intuitive guidance.

She is feeling a sense of change & growth herself at the moment as she listens carefully to her instinct on what comes next for her.

We chat here about reconnecting with our inner voice and trusting the journey of change that a lot of us may well be facing in the ‘new normal’ that is beginning to unfold in front of us.

We won’t have all the answers of course but asking the questions is a great place to start!

Connect with Marie:

Connect with Sinead:

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