Resisting Change

Updated: Jul 14

Resistance to change is the norm for so many - but change is the natural way of things in life, nature, culture, business...

It's ironic really - change is one of the only things we can rely on in life (as well as death and taxes as the saying goes) yet so many of us resist it or see it as something undesirable or scary.

Change brings refreshment, new perspective; change opens up life to possibility and the unexpected which in turn energises the mind and heart and soul.

So many people are living lives and working jobs that make them feel drained and undervalued and unfulfilled because they are resistant to change. They'd rather stay in a miserable situation that is known to them rather than opening their minds to something new because they are fearful - because the 'what ifs' in their imagination are running wild. But this is a mindset, a habit - and it will not serve you, particularly if you are naturally creative and innovative in your thinking. You're reading this because your hunger for change is getting bigger than your fear of change.

For some people 'success' (as they define it) comes first regardless of how it makes them feel on a daily basis and they have never even considered that there is an alternative! It is in how you define success that you will find your answers. Stop and ask yourself 'what does it means to me to be successful'?

Your 'comfort zone' will keep you safe but it is rife with fear and staying there = resistance to change and growth and progression.

Make a Change…

Are you one of those people sitting at your desk dreaming of another life but have no idea where to begin? Are you ready to push out of that comfort zone?

No one should have to live a life that makes them miserable.