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Risk & Resilience, How to Remain Steady in Choppy Waters - Ailish Irvine 'Inspire Me' Interview

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

  • Are you feeling you're up against it at the moment?

  • Are you feeling a bit flat and need a little motivation & energised thinking for the future?

  • Are you keen to learn more about social enterprise?

'Inspire Me' provides a platform for forward-thinking, dynamic and innovative professionals and business owners to share their career journey, insights, knowledge & wisdom - to inspire us all!

This episode - Risk & Resilience - is with Ailish Irvine, Social Enterprise Consultant and Manager of Irvine Training.

Ailish & I discuss resilience and how to foster it, how to address the fears that are keeping you trapped in your comfort zone.

Ailish also outlines what she calls the 'tipping point' in her own career journey and advises us on how to embrace risk and never give up on our goals!

Ailish has worked in the education and non-profit sector, community integration and enterprise projects.

She is passionate about helping people to solve their own problems through resilience and a positive attitude.

She has a huge interest in STEM and in promoting employment opportunities in technology, particularly in rural areas.

When not working she is a wife to one and mammy of 3 and is usually found huddled on the side of a GAA pitch, planning on buying a warmer jacket.

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