Shape Your Life with The incredible power of your mind...

Updated: Jul 14

...It has huge influence over your life, career & happiness!

You have the power to shape your life!

The concept of mindset is pretty prevalent in our lives these days, isn't it?

In this article, I am going to explore what it is and the incredibly powerful influence it has over your life and career choices.

Mindset is simply 'an established set of attitudes held by someone’. The question is, how do we establish these attitudes about life and about ourselves? And where do our beliefs come from?

We gather our beliefs through life experience and we absorb the beliefs of those around us - our family, teachers, mentors, influencers, media, culture & society. From this melting pot of life experience, our beliefs become embedded through repeated thought patterns to form our mindset.

But just because we believe something, does that make it true?

A belief is an idea that you accept is true, it is a strong feeling that something is true or a mental acceptance that something represents the truth. Your beliefs are the lens through which you view the world and that perspective dictates SO much in your life; your beliefs and mindset can empower you and strengthen your actions or limit you and restrict your actions. You can choose to maintain empowering beliefs or limiting beliefs.

The power lies in bringing awareness to your thought patterns, it is common to be unaware that you are holding onto limiting beliefs about yourself, your aspirations, your capabilities and potential opportunities.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Mindset is attitude, mentality, outlook - it is the sum of your beliefs.

Our thoughts dictate how we feel, and our feelings dictate how we behave – how we behave dictates how we experience the world and how the world experiences us. This then defines our expectations of the world which ultimately reinforce our thoughts and keeps us in a perpetual state of whatever our first thought was!! Riddle me that! :P