Career Alignment - Free Your Genius & work in a way that suits who you are.

Updated: Aug 5

Career Alignment

I have been working in the area of career development for almost 15 years, I have coached 100s of people through varied career stages - career planning, career progression, career change, entrepreneurship, business planning, personal and professional development.

What is very clear to me and always was, is that one size does not fit all, while the struggles and obstacles are comparable, the dream and vision of each person is entirely unique and what offers career fulfilment for one person equates to restriction for another.

Career Alignment comes from a unique combination of what truly matters to each individual. It is the experience of leaning into your strengths, truly being you, paying attention to your values and freeing your unique genius and unique skillset so that the world can benefit from it.

What does 'career' mean for you and what does 'alignment' feel like for you?

It is of course subjective, your personal definition and understanding of career will depend on your life experience, opinions, influences, culture, preferences, upbringing and of course, your choices. What do you choose to believe? What do you choose to accept when it comes to your career and your priorities?

Your Life’s Work