What is Career Freedom?

Updated: May 7

What does 'career' & 'freedom' mean for you?

It is of course subjective, your personal definition and understanding of these words will depend on your feelings, associations, experiences, memories, opinions, influences, culture and preferences. And of course on your choices. What do you choose to believe? What do you choose to accept when it comes to your career and your freedom?

Your Life’s Work

I have always been intrigued with the choices people make when it comes to their life’s work – their career. Why do people chose a certain industry or subject, what motivates some people to create and some to support, how can some people face life and death situations every day when others use their fame and influence to sell perfume?

What drives people to stay in jobs that clearly don’t suit them? I wonder why the widely reported 85% of the global workforce who are unhappy in their work (2017) don’t exercise their free will to make a change and pursue a career that brings them a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

Why do so many people settle? The answer lies on the freedom vs security spectrum. Which one do you value more?

Maybe it's because a career is just a job to some people – a means to a financial end, for others it’s a life’s purpose, a calling or vocation and for others’ still it’s a vehicle for change – for social impact. For some it is an expression of thought, talent, skill and for others it’s a reaction to the conditioning they were brought up with. For some people career defines the corporate ladder or going from one job to the next, for others it means entrepreneurship and business and innovation. Your sense of career, and your sense of freedom vs security is directly influenced by your culture & upbringing and what you accept as the 'norm'.

So what can Career Freedom look like and how do you go about getting it?

For me, career is the umbrella term for anything that happens in the working, professional or vocational area of your life – jobs, work, entrepreneurship, business, freelancing, volunteering, education & learning.

I define Career Freedom as the perfect blend of life and work, allowing for full and authentic expression of who you are – your skills, strengths, vision, preferences, interests, values, unique contribution, philosophy, talent. You get to decide when and how you work - time freedom, location freedom, and of course financial freedom.

Follow Your Passion - Do What You Love! It’s an old cliché, but let’s bring it into the context of opportunity in 2020. Imagine your working life exactly as you’d like it to be – it matches your ambitions, skills, personality and vision, it’s aligned with who you are and what you believe in, it's what you've dreamed of, it allows you to follow your passion.

This isn’t a pipedream anymore; the workplace has fundamentally changed and continues to change rapidly everyday.

Do you know what a Free Range Human is or a multipotentialite? Have you heard of a side hustle or the gig economy; a portfolio career, the 4-hour work week, the 12 week year, remote working, job sharing, freelancers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, heart-centred entrepreneurs and chillpreneurs?

There is a wave of creativity and productivity already happening and it is driven by the need for flexibility:

Freedom for me is not freedom for you.

You may see it entirely differently depending on your values.

Career Freedom for you might be :

  • A job you love, with a company you respect and an ethos and atmosphere that values learning.

  • Your own dream business with 100 employees – all sharing and feeding into your vision.

  • Top of your game in the country’s leading technology company.

  • Striving for success in your Start-Up.

  • Writing books and teaching music while enjoying your family and your kids.

  • Travelling the world and working along the way on your laptop.

  • A solopreneur with an online business supporting your online community.

The modern working world affords us endless opportunities at Career Freedom – that’s the point, you get to decide!

I’m not suggesting that the only path to freedom and contentment is to quit your job in the morning, I’m saying that staying in a job or career that is wearing you down and does not allow you fully express who you are and what you’re capable of IS NOT necessary.

I believe everyone deserves job satisfaction, fulfilment, recognition, purpose, meaningful contribution, achievement, growth and development.

Create a life and career in alignment with who you truly are, how you want to express yourself and how you want to live in, experience and contribute to the world!

Society is suffering from the fact that so many people are not listening to that voice inside, they’re dismissing their genius, they’re trying to fit the mould of others and they end up playing a role at work.

Thankfully, collaboration is now preferred over competition, a sense of abundance and sharing of success allows everyone to grow and evolve and the freedom that comes in that environment can only be a good thing for society and for the world.

Imagine if instead of 85% of the global workforce

hating their jobs; 85% loved their work?!

My mission is to help as many people as possible experience Career Freedom

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