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Are you a Closet Entrepreneur? Take the Quiz to see if your inner genius is crying out for freedom.

Updated: Jan 13

If you are a closet entrepreneur - you:

have vision/ideas,

want to make a difference,

want to make an impact,

want to contribute to society

want to change something or improve something

want to solve a problem

want to create...

- but you consistently hide away your genius (vision and ideas).

Is it time to FREE YOUR GENIUS?

Why would you do this?

There are many reasons of course but here are 3 of the most common hurdles holding your genius prisoner:

1. Fear is top of the list - fear can stop us in our tracks - we can convince ourselves we're not able or not good enough, or not talented enough or not knowledgeable enough...

2. Not recognising our passion and unique skills (there's only one of you!) as the foundation of future happiness becomes a habit, which in turn becomes an embedded belief that doesn't serve you which then becomes your mindset and the basis of your attitude to, well, everything!

3. And the big one? Conditioning. We're all brainwashed into thinking there's a set path for us; finish school, go to college, get a job, look for a promotion, be responsible, grow up, settle down...

WAIT! What do you want? What life do you want to live? What do you want it to look like? You can choose, you decide - you're living it, no one else! What's your vision?

Are you crying out for a life with more freedom and fulfillment?

Take the Test

How many of the following apply to you?

1. You're a dreamer.

2. You're full of questions and curious about the world.

3. You've got lots of ideas - big or small, innovative or original.

4. You dismiss these ideas/dreams as 'notions' or 'pie in the sky' thinking.

5. The 9-5 lifestyle doesn't suit you.

6. You'd love a life where you can express who you are in a real way.

7. You want to call the shots - shape your own day.

8. You're not a fan of structure - you prefer independence.

9. You always have a few projects on the go (however secretive you might be about them).

10. You look to the future with hope - you're forward thinking, creative.

11. You like to challenge yourself and you love the buzz of new things.

12. You're a grafter - you'll keep at it until you get the results you're after.

13. You love creating things, debating things and improving things.

14. You see work and life as interwined - not separate entities.

15. Possibilty and opportunity inspire you - you're willing to take risks.

16. You understand that failure is necessary on a journey to success.

17. You love the idea of reiventing yourself.

18. You're feeling trapped in your life and you're not sure how to break free.

19. Your mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual health is taking a hit.

20. You wish you had the courage and confidence to do things differently.

21. You want to reclaim your future and get excited about it again!


If you said YES to 14 or more you need to step out of that closet and start experiencing life on your own terms. Don't suffer any longer. You're creativity and entrepreneurial spark are crying out for oxygen and your life will be transformed from answering the call! You're full of ideas, love to brainstorm solutions, you can see the bigger picture but you can also get going on the details. Give yourself the green light - let your ideas breathe!

7 - 14

If you said YES to between 7 and 14 of the statements, it may mean that while you're not as hungry for a entrepenurial journey as some, you are craving freedom or the right environment to set your ideas and creativity free. Perhaps you don't see yourself as your own boss, perhaps you like structure and a predictable timetable - you may be seeking change of another description - perhaps fulfillment looks a little different for you Get creative with your career to find out.


If you said YES to 7 or less you are quite happy with your current situation and only need to tweak certain areas to bring the fulfillment you are looking for into the frame. Perhaps your passion and ideas are more of a hobby than a central career path, perhaps your need for freedom is based on other areas of your life. For many people, a work structure with a defined role and career path brings security and grounding. Are you living in accordance with your values?

Ready to step out of the closet - or at least peep out?!

Don't hesitate to contact me - we can have a chat,

take stock of where you're at and move you forward in your career!

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