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Calm The Overwhelm

I understand how overwhelming it gets as a business have to keep your eye on everything, everyone, planning ahead, decision-making, logistics, creativity, sales, marketing, branding, admin…the list is endless.


All this while trying to keep some sort of normality in your personal life and don’t even get me started on self-care…self what?!!

You are only one person and no one can manage it all on their own…

I am a business owner so I have first hand experience of the pressures and challenges involved, that constant noise in your head.

Imagine if... could relieve the pressure and feel a weight lifted.


Imagine if you could process your thoughts, ideas, fears, vision, doubts and hopes in a safe space.


Imagine the relief from the clarity you would gain and the benefit from increased confidence and focus.

Help Is At Hand...

I created the ‘Strategy Boost’ – a coaching service to give you a boost – to provide support, an objective and strategic soundboard and an encouraging cheerleader in your corner.  


Strategy Boost Sessions offer you the chance to reflect, assess and move forward with confidence & decisive action. 

Go from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused and emotionally exhausted 

to feeling strong, capable, optimistic,

grounded and balanced.

Monthly Strategy Boost Sessions work really well...


A slot of 1.5 hrs in your diary for you to clear your mind and figure out the best path forward.

You can:

  • develop the skills and resources you need to achieve business success including management, communication and leadership skills

  • increase your self-knowledge, improve your mindset

  • clarify your business objectives, values, standards and expectations

  • become decisive and get into the habit of making grounded committed decisions

  • strategise for the future, leverage opportunities

  • brainstorm your ideas, your vision and unravel your thoughts

  • address any issues or concerns that are niggling at you

Your Investment...

A Strategy Boost Session costs €90.

The ROI is huge considering the peace of mind and clarity that this process offers.

The Strategy Boost is for you if....

  • You are a business owner in need of a boost of support and clarity

  • You have vision, passion and drive and it’s difficult to direct it all sometimes

  • You’re in need of an objective and confidential soundboard to process all your thoughts

  • You’re full of ideas and not sure how to bring them to life

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and drained or exhausted and you need some help carrying the load

  • You’re in need of confidence building

  • You are in business development mode

  • You’re in need of some skills training to bring yourself up to speed with the pace of your business

You can't pour from an empty cup

I encourage you to embrace the support if you need it and let your strengths shine – the benefit of bringing in support will allow you to feel re-energised in other areas of your life.

Self-care leads to productivity and success.

You might be thinking...

I'm not sure if this process is worth the investment of my time and energy and finances…

We all need help in seeing the wood for the trees no matter how much we know and love our business.

I created this service as an affordable check-in, something to keep you on track, calling in support but without a huge time commitment.

1.5 hours every month can transform your daily experience!

I'm not sure the time is right...

I often get the feedback ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’ There’s no time like the present to embrace a transformative process.

Are you the right person for me?

Let’s have a quick chat today to make sure this is a good move for you and discuss your needs and challenges are at the moment.

I love working with people to optimise their potential and maximise the skills and resources at their disposal.


Most people dismiss their strengths as ‘normal’ or ‘no big deal’…

I help my clients to recognise their genius, their unique offering, I help build their confidence so they can adopt a strong forward thinking mindset to support their goals and dreams.

Follow your vision, lead the way…


Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken

 ~Oscar Wilde ~



I look forward to hearing from you.

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