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1 - 1 Support for Business Owners

Calm The Overwhelm

I understand how overwhelming it gets as a business have to keep your eye on everything, everyone, planning ahead, decision-making, logistics, creativity, sales, marketing, branding, admin…the list is endless.


All this while trying to keep some sort of normality in your personal life and don’t even get me started on self-care…self what?!!

You are only one person and no one can manage it all on their own…

I am a business owner, so I have first hand experience of the pressures and challenges involved, that constant noise in your head.

Imagine instead...

...if you could relieve the pressure and feel a weight lifted.


Imagine if you could process your thoughts, ideas, fears, vision, doubts and hopes in a safe space.


Imagine the relief from the clarity you would gain and the benefit from increased confidence and focus.

I created the ‘Strategy Boost’ – a coaching service to give you a boost – to provide support, an objective and strategic soundboard and an encouraging cheerleader in your corner.  


Strategy Boost Sessions offer you the chance to reflect, assess and move forward with confidence & decisive action. 


Go from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused and emotionally exhausted 

to feeling strong, capable, optimistic,

grounded and balanced.


OK, Let's do this

- how does coaching work?

Coaching is a partnership -

I join you on your journey of personal development, exploration and career development.


I guide, feedback, observe, support, strategise with you, brainstorm with you,

offer my insight and provide exercises/tools, structure & accountability.


It is however, your journey. You are always in the driver's seat.


Monthly sessions are ideal - a slot of 1.5 hrs in your diary for you to clear your mind and figure out the best path forward.

My aim for you includes - but is never limited to - : 

  • develop your skills - planning, management, communication and leadership skills

  • increase your self-knowledge, improve your mindset

  • clarify your business objectives, values, standards and expectations

  • brainstorm your ideas & vision -unravel your thoughts & become decisive 

  • strategise for the future, leverage opportunities

Perfect for business owners with vision, passion and drive

in need of support and an objective soundboard.

Your Investment

€90 per session.


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