1 - 1 Support for Business Owners

Calm The Overwhelm

I understand how overwhelming it gets as a business have to keep your eye on everything, everyone, planning ahead, decision-making, logistics, creativity, sales, marketing, branding, admin…the list is endless.


All this while trying to keep some sort of normality in your personal life and don’t even get me started on self-care…self what?!!

You are only one person and no one can manage it all on their own…

I am a business owner, so I have first hand experience of the pressures and challenges involved, that constant noise in your head.

Imagine instead...

...if you could relieve the pressure and feel a weight lifted.


Imagine if you could process your thoughts, ideas, fears, vision, doubts and hopes in a safe space.


Imagine the relief from the clarity you would gain and the benefit from increased confidence and focus.

I created the ‘Strategy Boost’ – a coaching service to give you a boost – to provide support, an objective and strategic soundboard and an encouraging cheerleader in your corner.  


Strategy Boost Sessions offer you the chance to reflect, assess and move forward with confidence & decisive action. 


Go from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused and emotionally exhausted 

to feeling strong, capable, optimistic,

grounded and balanced.


OK, Let's do this

- how does coaching work?

Coaching is a partnership -

I join you on your journey of personal development, exploration and career development.


I guide, feedback, observe, support, strategise with you, brainstorm with you,

offer my insight and provide exercises/tools, structure & accountability.


It is however, your journey. You are always in the driver's seat.


Monthly sessions are ideal - a slot of 1.5 hrs in your diary for you to clear your mind and figure out the best path forward.

My aim for you includes - but is never limited to - : 

  • develop your skills - planning, management, communication and leadership skills

  • increase your self-knowledge, improve your mindset

  • clarify your business objectives, values, standards and expectations

  • brainstorm your ideas & vision -unravel your thoughts & become decisive 

  • strategise for the future, leverage opportunities

Perfect for business owners with vision, passion and drive

in need of support and an objective soundboard.

Your Investment

€90 per session.


I'm not sure if this process is worth the investment of my time and energy and finances…?

We all need help in seeing the wood for the trees no matter how much we know and love our business.

I created this service as an affordable check-in, something to keep you on track, calling in support but without a huge time commitment.

1.5 hours every month can transform your daily experience!

I would never commit to working with someone unless it feels right. Let's chat so I can help you figure it out.

I'm not sure the time is right...?

I know you are time poor, using your time wisely and working smarter, rather than harder is essential to your success and peace of mind!

I often get the feedback ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’ There is no time like the presence to address the issue of overwhelm.

Are you the right person for me?

Let’s have a quick chat to make sure this is a good move for you, we will both be able to tell pretty quickly if it is a good fit. You can learn a little more about me here & hear what other people's experience has been like here. Don't hesitate to email or message me with any questions.