The 7 Essential Components to Alignment for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs

Alignment means something different for each individual depending on the dynamic combination between their needs, desires and preferences in life.

So what's the deeper level required for those of us who are entrepreneurs and also Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

All HSPs share the powerful traits of deep feeling, processing and intuition - how they experience these and utilise them in the world is entirely unique to each individual experience.

My own journey as an HSP and entrepreneur has brought me huge insight into the needs and challenges faced by lots of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs as well as all the individuals I I have worked with and supported over the years.

Here are 7 of the components I believe are essential to Alignment for us HSPs...

As I explore each one, make note of what is resonating most with you today, that's what you need to focus on right now.

#1 Boundaries

Your needs must be met without feeling guilty about it. As HSPs and empaths, our empathy can lead us to putting everyone else's needs first. We can sense, feel and notice the subtleties in others' experience and it doesn't feel natural for us to not respond. We sooth, appease, support & empower others very naturally.

A lifetime of cultivating this habit means that when we come to prioritise our own needs and wants, it can feel like we are being selfish or self-centred. This is where boundaries come in. Boundaries are respectful and empowering for all involved. They don't create a divide but rather, they strengthen understanding and open communication. Meeting our own needs with honesty and without feeling guilty is the basis of healthy boundaries. The more you prioritise yourself and what you truly want and need in a given situation, the easier it gets to set boundaries in all areas of your life.

#2 Energy Flow

Managing and honouring your unique energy flow is a vital part of your well-being. If you leave it as an afterthought, it tends to catch up on you in the form of overwhelm and that point of over stimulation known in psychological terms as 'transmarginal inhibition'. Or, in other words, when you just can't take it anymore, there's smoke coming out your ears and you're losing your s**t !

When you prioritise your energy flow and learn to cultivate your own optiminal energy level, you learn how to live life to a rhythm that suits you, where a productive and steady energy flow underpins everything else. This is essential.

#3 Individuality.

To live life and run your business on the path of least resistance, you must honour your individuality, who you truly are. Call it your core identity, self-concept, true self or higher self - it is that feeling only you know, of being yourself - feeling true, grounded and content.

The best and easiest way to tap into this part of yourself is by trusting your own judgement and tuning into your intuition more intentionally and more frequently and taking aligned action based on your intuitive feelings. Aligned action is action that feels good and makes you feel inspired and excited about that action and the potential consequences of that action - i.e. the future.

#4 Authentic Expression

Aligned action goes hand-in-hand with authentic expression - whatever that means to you.

Full expression of who you are, creatively, authentically and without hesitation will empower your path and make it much much easier to define success, your version of success, not success defined by others or by society or social media!

If this is challenging, begin in a small way, you won't find your voice through a lack of expression.

#5 Inspired Impact

Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs are extremely creative and they are drawn to heart-felt, purpose-driven work that makes an impact on the world around them. This inspiration coupled with the benefits of self-employment leads a lot of HSPs to become their own boss.

The advantages for HSPs tend to be around freedom and autonomy - time, location, surroundings, atmosphere, demands = Energy Flow.

Of course, running your own business comes with huge challenges too. With the right balance of energy management, solid identity and purposeful aligned action, HSPs can flourish in their chosen field without the hustle or burnout patterns.

#6 Self-Actualisation

As deep thinkers, most HSPs enjoy deeper topics of conversation to small talk and they love to ponder larger life questions. One of which is their own being, becoming, growth & potential - what Maslow and Jung called Self-Actualisation with a focus on our hierarchy of needs (Maslow) and self examination and the identification of dominant archetypes (Jung).

It is natural of course for most people to seek to optimise their potential. For HSPs, it is natural to do so while also feeling inspired to make a difference to the world around them in a heart-felt, soul purpose, 'I was put on this earth to do this' sort of way.

This is why you'll find so many HSPs in caring, supporting professions like education, psychology, therapy and coaching, and creative, expressive professions like the arts, music and creative fields. You'll also find them in innovative industries and entrepreneurship across many fields.

HSPs are driven by passion and purpose, and they thrive through balanced tenacity and freedom of choice.

#7 Validation

This one is not just essential, it is crucial - a deal breaker.

You need to give yourself the validation you deserve for being an HSP and having this powerful trait so others around you can follow your lead!

How you treat yourself and define yourself demonstrates to others how it should be done. Many people you cross paths with will not 'get it', they will not understand you, this is

OK. It is your responsibility to empower and validate yourself - it has to come from within. Start by accepting and believing that the Highly Sensitive trait is a real thing ! You have enough evidence from your own life, don't you?

Being Highly Sensitive is not a diagnosis and it is not a condition or something to fix. It is a trait, a part of who you naturally are. Use the knowledge and instinct you have on it to empower and validate yourself rather than categorise yourself as weak or wanting. You are not weak!

Self-knowledge and responsibility are the keys to empowerment. Embracing your sensitivities is no different. Never dismiss your own experience, your own knowing and wisdom. Surround yourself with supportive friends and a community who do get it and who appreciate you.

Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs with vision, passion and ambition can bring forth their own unique magic in a grounded and sustainable way that allows the world benefit from their offering while they enjoy an aligned experience of life.

We can honour ourselves AND impact the world the way we dream of doing 😊🙏

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