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Work With Me

Hi there!

If you'd like to find out more about the packages below or discuss where you're at and what level of support you require: 


My full focus & support for 3 months:

minimum 6 sessions (2 per month), online strategy board for continued support and accountability.

Additional sessions/calls as required.

£295 per month

What will I get out of this coaching programme?

Rewire your mindset - embrace change

Gain clarity & confidence - reframe your unique skillset

Map out a clear, actionable plan & take action  


- your inner genius set free!

Ideal for professionals or entrepreneurs ready for change

and progression in their career

 6 week intensive -

weekly live coaching in private FB group, training videos, inspiring like-minded community

+ a 2 hour intensive session with me. 


What will I get out of this coaching programme?

Energise your mindset

Explore your ideas/options

Expand your vision 


Get started on your journey of career change!

Ideal for professionals/entrepreneurs looking ahead towards change.

Message me or book in for a quick 15 min call to see which package suits your needs at the moment....

Stop waiting around for the 'right time' - it does not exist.

NOW is powerful, the present is where it's at.

You have to DREAM BIG 

but it is action that brings you forward.