CLARIFY your purpose

Your deep thinking & creativity is a gift.

Your innovative spirit is your true purpose calling you.

Your sensitivity is your STRENGTH & SUPERPOWER. 


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HSP Alignment Coach


Hi, I'm Sinead - I'm an alignment coach for highly sensitive and empath entrepreneurs.


I empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs to live their life purpose by

honouring their true nature as HSPs/Empaths and leveraging their superpowers !


I am living the journey myself   - I'm an HSP, an empath and an entrepreneur. 


I have learned how to honour my sensitivitives and leverage them so I can thrive as the enetrepreneur I was born to be and live the life of freedom I always dreamed of.

A highly sensitive person (hsp) is someone who experiences

the world more deeply than most.


A highly sensitive entrepreneur is a change-maker,

a shaker, a trailblazer.

In order to clarify your passion & calling, you must first honour your energies and

sensitivities and go about building your business in a way that suits your natural rhythm.

I love love love working with dynamic, forward-thinking, visionary and creative HSPs and Empaths who are craving more purpose, more freedom, more impact - a feeling of alignment.  

Are you ready to align with your true path in life?

Let's talk today


Be the Author
Of Your Own Life

Is this YOU?


Are you feeling the tug-of-war on your energies as you strive to move forward with your ideas & vision, but you’re going round in circles with a lack of focus?

Are you tired of the hustle  - instead, you crave ease, flow, balance, success & freedom in your life and your business?

Do you want to make more money while making an impact on the world but you're not sure what action to take?

Imagine instead...invite it in....


Your life and business underpinned by creative energy flow,

clarity and focus on what you're offering and why,

a clear aligned path forward, consistent money flow, contentment, success.

 It is hugely challenging to figure it all out by yourself...we all need support, 

a soundboard and a tribe that understands us.


Trust your inner knowing and intuition, allow your creative magic to flow

and learn to take aligned action to see your business grow!

You CAN live a life of balance, alignment, freedom & success! 

Erin Kelly Energy Healer & Artist

Erin Kelly

Energy Healer & Artist

Sinead is incredibly talented at what she does. She has the rare ability to know exactly the perfect questions to ask. It was like she looked into my brain, saw the issues holding me back and was able to get me to speak about it gently and gracefully. Hand on heart,

she blew me away!

 David Stevens Editor

Sinead has a real skill of not only asking the right questions, but nudging you to ask questions of yourself that lead to answers hidden inside yourself.  I wasn’t forced onto any pre-set path, rather I was left with a  feeling of “of course this is the way to go.”  It felt totally natural and crafted to me"

Lisa Parkes Smiley Coach & Author

Lisa Parkes

Smiley Coach & Author

Sinead is such a beautiful generous soul with fabulous insight and ninja questioning skills that get right to the heart of the matter. In a very short space of time, Sinead was able to pinpoint the challenge I faced and helped me unlock something which was transformational to how I see myself.

Live Your True Purpose 

- Bravely Be You.