Career Alignment Coach


I am a certified coach with a background in psychology & career guidance.


I truly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their work, to use it as a vehicle for authentic expression and to offer society and the world something unique.


My mission is to free those ideas you keep tucked away from view...

to free your genius & unique abilties. 

I have been working in the area of personal & professional development for 15 years in education, training, counselling, coaching, business, technology & entrepreneurship. 


I am passionate about your life's work - what you choose to do, how you do it and how you progress and thrive as you do it.

I am Libran, I love music, meditation, wine & travelling. 


I live in Donegal (North West of Ireland) with my husband and 2 kids and I live and work in alignment with my priorities, my energies and my goals.

I understand what you're looking for:


A sense of purpose & contribution, fulfilment, challenge, contentment, freedom, flexibility, balance, independence, authentic expression, growth, direction, accomplishment, clarity, excitment.


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