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I’m an Alignment Coach, an HSP, an Empath & an Entrepreneur. So I see you and I get you. 

I see and appreciate your passion & vision and I understand the challenges of living in this noisy, overstimulating world where alone time and self care is crucial but I also understand the thrill of entrepreneurship, authentic and creative expression and the freedom that comes with this way of life.


Freedom is at the heart of all my choices and it is my barometer of "success".


I craved freedom and autonomy for years but ended up in job after job that didn't suit me - 'pushing through', playing a role at work pretending I could function like everybody else.


Needless to say, burnout hit me several times...I was out of alignment.


I finally began to pay attention to my own intuition and inner guidance and I followed my heart.

I have learned to manage my energies and boundaries and honour who I truly am - I work on my own alignment every single day.

I now love nothing more than to empower highly sensitive and empath entrepreneurs to live their life purpose by honouring their calling and leveraging their strengths and superpowers - their sensitivity ! 

The Power of Entrepreneurship


I have always loved innnovation and entrepreneurship - I believe that HSP & Empath Entrepreneurs are the shakers, the change makers & visionaries in society - the world needs us to create, change, inspire and support others - and this comes in endless forms across a wide variety of sectors and industries. There is no one way to be Highly Sensitive!


I can help you lean into your strengths, give your visionary ideas the TLC they need and honour your true nature.


NEVER dismiss your unique offering, your individuality and purpose in life.

Your understanding and compassion for others is a STRENGTH.

Your creative expression sooths humanity.


Your innovative spirit improves the life experience of so many.

HSPs with an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative mind are Trailblazers and they are carving out paths for the benefit of others...influencing the world around them.

It pains me to see creative, innovative, forward-thinking HSPs/Empaths stuck in unfulfilling jobs or career paths where their light and deep understanding of others is not valued.

We can begin to lose a sense of ourselves and our true power in an environment that does not allow us to shine - and over time we see less and less value in our unique genius and individuality. 

You CAN live and work in alignment with who you truly are and make the impact you want to make in the world!

How I Work.

I combine psychology, alignment coaching, spirituality and energy work with business development to empower your journey of alignment - the best feeling in the world!! 

I am a professional, certified personal and executive coach with a background in psychology, career and educational guidance and counselling. I have been empowering the potential of others for over 15 years. I have coached 100s of people through various life transitions – education, career change, entrepreneurship, business development, personal growth & alignment. 

I bring a high level of intuition and energy healing to my work - I use my own HSP strengths to connect with you and join you in your depth of thought, empathy and innovative spirit.

As a natural empath, I listen intently with curiosity and tune into where you're at - I have an innate ability to bring my clients (gently) to the point where they embrace their true nature, their unique talent and abilities and release the blocks and challenges standing in their way.



My purpose is to support, uplift and empower others like me, highly sensitive creatives, visionaries, change-makers, thought leaders & entrepreneurs to clarify their true purpose in life and to lean into their ideas, unblock their creativity and turn their calling into a reality.


Through both my professional and personal experience I have gained a lot of insight and knowledge around alignment and energy management as well as business development and entrepreneuship.

I pour all my knowledge and passion into my work - I created The HSP Alignment Code which you can download here.

This code will teach you how to move out of a place of resistance and into a place of flow in your life and in your business.

The world needs you now more than ever.


But remember, in order to help others and make an impact you must nurture yourself first - this is why alignment in your business is key so you can experience an equal exchange of energy and make the money you deserve. 


I am the creator of The HSP Purpose Pathway - a powerful coaching programme to guide you towards Alignment, Freedom & Success in your business and in your life.

The programme aims for 3 main outcomes:

  • Grounded in your authentic self - authentically expressing yourself as an HSP and honouring your true nature and inner knowing.. 

  • Your creativity is unblocked and flowing - your focus and priority is on your purpose, happiness, authenticity, energy flow & wellbeing - doing what you came here to do.

  • Your business is growing, you are earning the money you deserve and making the impact you want to make in the world. Dancing to your own rhythm of life.


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