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My story


I’m an Alignment Coach and as an hsp myself, I love to empower highly sensitive entrepreneurs  to live their life purpose by honouring their calling and leveraging their superpowers ! 

I help people lean into their strengths, honour their true nature and follow their dreams. 

DO NOT dismiss your unique offering, your individuality and zone of genius.

You CAN live and work in alignment with who you truly are and make the impact you want to make in the world!

Alignment for highly sensitive entrepreneurs in our working lives is a combination of:


Professional success - recognition and reward for your contribution.

Societal impact - as a change maker or thought leader; meaningful impact on the lives of others.

Personal fulfilment - an ease of life that protects and honours your energies and wellbeing.  

I am a professional, certified personal and executive coach with a background in psychology, career and educational guidance and counselling. 


I am also an entrepreneur, a highly sensitive person, an empath, an introvert and an INFP so I get it... I see and appreciate your passion & vision and I understand the challenges of living in this noisy, overstimulating world where alone time and self care is crucial!


I have learned to manage my energies and boundaries - I finally made it a priority after years of 'pushing through', playing a role at work pretending I could 'function' like everybody else. Needless to say, burnout hit me several times...

I have been working in the area of personal and professional development now for 15 years, I have coached 100s of people through various transitions – education, career change, entrepreneurship, business development, personal growth & my favourite - alignment. 


I combine psychology, alignment coaching and spirituality / energy work to empower your journey of alignment - the best feeling in the world!! 

Your Unique Genius

Everyone deserves to feel satisfied in their working lives & highly sensitive entrepreneurs crave a sense of freedom and autonomy so they can live life on their terms. 


It honestly pains me to see creative, innovative, forward-thinking hsps stuck in unfulfilling jobs or career paths where their light and deep understanding of others is not valued.

We can begin to lose a sense of ourselves and our true power in an environment that does not allow us to shine - and over time we see less and less value in our unique genius and individuality. Is this resonating with you?





My mission and purpose is to empower others like me, highly sensitive creatives, visionaries, change-makers, thought leaders to clarify their true purpose in life and to free those ideas you keep tucked away from view.


I will guide you through the Free Your Genius Pathway to a place of freedom, choice and empowerment. 

I bring a high level of intuition and energy healing to every coaching conversation - I use my own hsp strengths to connect with you and join you in your depth of thought, empathy and innovative spirit.

As a natural empath, I listen intently with curiosity and tune into where you're at - I have an innate ability to bring my clients (gently) to the point where they embrace their true nature, their unique talent and abilities and release the blocks and challenges standing in their way.



  • You can bravely be you in the world and accomplish your goals at the same time. 

  • Your focus and priority is on your happiness, authenticity, creativity, energy, wellbeing and the impact you want to make in the world.  

  • You can unapologetically dream bigger and bigger, make aligned choices and live the life you were supposed to live.