I’m a fellow HSP & Empath, Career & Executive Coach, Alignment Coach (aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours with your most authentic self) Entrepreneur & Mother of 2.

My focus is on Highly Sensitives and Empaths expressing our unique magic in the world!

As a certified career, personal and executive coach for over 15 years, I empower your potential and dreams through online courses, group coaching programmes & 1-1 coaching services for my fellow HSPs & Empaths.

A combination of coaching, education, energy healing and career strategy shines a light on your path so you can fully own your identity and thrive in your work.

I have learned to manage my energies and boundaries & release the blocks holding me back after years of misalignment in my work.

My mission is to uplift and empower highly sensitives and empaths so you can align with your purpose, unblock your creativity and thrive in your professional life and lead with empathy in your industry.

By bringing balance to the depth and intensity of your HSP experience, you can apply your trait to achieve truly original, creative, and evolutionary contributions in all industries!

I see and appreciate your passion & vision and understand the challenges of living in this noisy, overstimulating world but it is entirely possible for you to also love and appreciate the thrill of authentic and creative expression and the freedom that comes with that.

"Sinead is such a beautiful generous soul with fabulous insight and ninja questioning skills

that get right to the heart of the matter in a very short space of time"

Lisa - Coach, Intutitive, Author

my purpose pathway

Freedom is at the heart of all my choices and it is my barometer of "success". What is yours?

I craved freedom and autonomy for years but ended up in job after job that didn't suit me - 'pushing through', playing a role at work pretending I could function like everyone else.

With determination and tenacity, I threw myself into every new job or project, always chasing my top values of freedom, innovation, variety - I pivoted in my career many times in search of alignment.

Alignment is what feels good for each individual.

It is energy management and the validation of your experience as an empath and a HSP that allows you to understand your strength and the potential available to you.

As empaths, we don’t always know that we are trying to manage our own energies, as well as the emotional energy of others we are absorbing.

This can lead to cycles of depression and burnout – but can be avoided by honouring your true nature and allow your intuition to take the lead on your career decisions.

I finally began to pay attention to my own intuition and inner guidance and I followed my heart.

You can too. You can learn to manage your energies and boundaries and honour who you truly are - and leverage your HSP skills and strengths and thrive because of them, not despite them!

I am here to empower and support you so you can live your life purpose, answer your calling and leverage your unique strengths and superpowers.

You can live to the beat of your own drum, your own rhythm and in harmony with your values and priorities.

Empowered Sensitivty & empathic leadership

Sensitivity (and all its intricacies) is a powerful force and is meant to serve a purpose and my work is about offering you an aligned and authentic approach to embody your sensitivity in a meaningful way.

I love innovation and creative thinking; thinking outside the box or, like most HSPs, removing the box altogether!

As a HSP, you naturally bring forward-thinking, creativity, detail and depth to any conversation.

HSPs & Empaths are often the shakers, the change makers & visionaries in society - the world needs us to create, soothe, change, inspire and support others - and this comes in endless forms across a wide variety of sectors and industries.

HSPs with purpose, vision and a creative mind are trailblazers, changemakers and thought leaders and they are carving out paths for the benefit of others...influencing the world around them. HSPs are the quieter trailblazers, making waves of change in their corner of the world, in their industry.

I can help you lean into your strengths, give your visionary ideas the TLC they need and honour your true nature.

NEVER dismiss your unique offering, your individuality and purpose in life.

Your understanding and compassion for others is a STRENGTH.

Your creative expression soothes humanity.

​Your innovative spirit improves the life experience of so many.

It pains me to see creative, innovative, forward-thinking HSPs/Empaths stuck in unfulfilling jobs or career paths where their light and deep understanding of others is not valued or maximised.

​We can begin to lose a sense of ourselves and our true power in an environment that does not allow us to shine - and over time we see less and less value in our unique genius and individuality.

You can live and work in alignment with who you truly are and make the impact you want to make in the world!

Sinéad is a wonderful coach. She has a pragmatism that is disarming (in a good way).

She brings a mix of experience and expertise to the table that

allows her to always provide a nugget of information that opens up a path of self discovery.

She is client first (which is not always the way with coaches) and has a soft way both

to listen and to push when needed.


Purpose Pathway Community Member

intuitive approach

HSPs benefit from a combination of alignment coaching, guidance, education and energy healing with career and business development to empower your experience personally and professionally.

With my background in psychology, career development and entrepreneurship, I have observed and coached 100s of people through various life transitions – education, career change, entrepreneurship, business development, personal growth & alignment.​

Using a high level of intuition and energy healing - I use my own HSP strengths to connect with you and join you in your depth of thought, empathy and innovative spirit.

Like other empaths, I listen intently with curiosity and tune into where you're at to bring you (gently) to the point where you can embrace your true nature, your unique talent and abilities and release the blocks and challenges standing in your way.

The world needs what you have to offer.

In order to thrive professionally and make an impact, you must nurture yourself first - this is why I focus on identity alignment, energy flow & inspired action so you can express yourself authentically and experience an equal exchange of energy with those you serve or work with.

This is what I call The HSP Alignment Code™️ which you can download here.

This 'code' or framework will teach you how to move out of a place of resistance and into a place of flow in your life and in your business.

To assess where you're currently at - download your own copy of The Alignment Code™️:

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