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I’m a Career Alignment Coach, I spend my days empowering and supporting passion-driven professionals and entrepreneurs to reconnect with their vision and pursue their dreams and I love my job.

I am a professional certified career and business coach with a background in psychology, educational guidance and counselling.


I believe everyone deserves job satisfaction & recognition. It pains me to see dynamic, forward-thinking people stuck in unfulfilling jobs or careers slowing losing their sense-of-self in an environment that does not allow them to shine!


I have been working in the area of personal and professional development now for 15 years, I have coached 100s of people through various life and career stages – education, career progression, career change, entrepreneurship, business development and in all cases, personal growth.  

What has become very clear to me is that one size does not fit all. The dream and vision of each individual is entirely unique and what offers career fulfilment for one person equates to restriction for another.


MY approach

I shine a light on your path as you move towards a life and career where you can bravely be you in the world and accomplish your goals at the same time. 


My focus is on your happiness and authenticity when it comes to your life’s work and overall fulfilment. 

My methodology is based on realignment (with yourself) first, strategy second.


As well as my coaching toolkit of powerful questioning, brainstorming, training videos, reflective exercises, core identity work, goal setting etc…


I also bring my professional expertise, knowledge and training to the coaching conversation - developmental psychology, career theory, counselling skills, business development, communication, education & entrepreneurial experience.

(I am also COO of an EdTech company).

I unapologetically encourage my clients to dream big - dreaming is essential when it comes to making choices for the future. I will always bring enthusiasm & optimism to your journey.

I provide the practical tools and techniques you need to reach your goals as well as addressing larger life issues such as fulfilment and balance.

why i do the work i do

I was in job after job that didn't suit me for years - it wasn't until I gave myself the green light to excel, to bravely be myself and express myself authentically that I began to move towards my own alignment (and I’m still working on it – we all are!).

So I get it. I understand. 

You deserve to feel a sense of purpose & contribution, fulfilment, contentment, authentic expression, growth, accomplishment & success. 

As a natural empath, my work is very intuitive, I listen intently with curiosity and I have an innate ability to bring my clients (gently) to the point where they embrace their true nature, their unique talent and abilities as they release any blocks and challenges.


My mission is to free those ideas you keep tucked away from your uniqueness, individuality, talent, creativity & vision for the future.

I became a coach because of my passion for psychology and self-actualisation – i.e. individuals reaching their fullest potential.


Contentment and happiness come through authenticity and alignment with who you truly are - a life and career where you can fully express yourself and accomplish your goals at the same time = fulfilment.

I live by the sea in the North West of Ireland. My life choices are aligned with my professional goals and ambitions.

As well as all things self-development,  I love music, meditation, wine & travelling.