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Break through the most common blocks....

...experienced by HSPs & Empaths: go from surviving to thriving!

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misaligned identity

Discover The Strengths & Gifts Of High Sensitivity & How They Contribute to Your Life & Work.

Rhythm Resistance

Embrace Your Optimal

Level Of Energy

& Natural Rhythm as a HSP.


purpose potential

Awaken Your Ikigai:

Your Aligned Purpose in Life.


Empower Your Personal Space

& Honour Your Needs.

What Others Are Saying...

I feel that my life has expanded...

I mean that my understanding of myself in my own mind has expanded. This work has created mental space, and introduced a certain lightness in my spirit, that is connected to feeling a greater field of possibility open to me - to breathe, to be me, to expand more.

The tools that Sinead has shared have been what I was missing.

Annie Killigan

Allowing myself to live as a HSP, has opened up much more of understanding of myself.

I approach situations and environments differently now.

I know why I need a mix of people and quiet time, why I get overstimulated, why I think so deeply, why I take on other peoples energy, why my needs are important to honour.

Patrick Boyle

She is like a ‘wizardess’ – she guides you to learn about yourself

Sinead is a wise, insightful and highly intuitive coach - her approach is holistic, intuitive, wise, getting to the heart of the matter, finding out who you are so that you can best align your work/life ambitions to your values.

But also with a practical finger on the pulse.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Siobhan Berkley

Bravely. Be. You.

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