5 Top mindsets for moving forward in your life & career

Career Success and Career Fulfilment are the products of an exciting journey of self-development and self-exploration.

We are all developing all of the time, there is no destination, it’s the journey that counts – so make sure it’s a journey you’re going to enjoy!

Your thinking directly impacts your experience, your reality - it dictates how you feel, how you behave, how you react and in turn how the world reacts back! Don't undereatimate the power of your mindset, attitude and assumptions.

Here are 5 top mindsets you need to adopt to become ‘unstuck’ in your career….and to open up your future!!

Mindset 1: What I focus on and decide today creates my future!

It all happens today, here and now. I’m a dreamer and I will always encourage my clients to DREAM BIG but remember to bring your dreams closer, they have to be in play TODAY! If your dream career is always OUT THERE, always waiting for you in the future, existing in tomorrow – you need to change your mindset around the power of today. Every single step, action, conversation or article you read can bring you a step closer to the life you do want to live. What you are thinking and learning and what you give your attention to today will shape your future tomorrow.

Mindset 2: I have the power to make a change. I am responsible for my success.

We can all fall victim to a victim mindset – a kind of conditioning that may be deep rooted, a sense of obligation or responsibility that keeps us stuck and even fighting for the limitations that restrict us. It is your actions that define who you are. You are in control of your thoughts, decisions and actions. Bring it all back to yourself; give yourself the permission to make committed decisions and trust in those decisions.

Mindset 3: I choose a growth mindset – I want to grow, learn, evolve.

Growth mindset = I can learn to do anything I want. Failure is not a bad thing – it’s a tool for development. Feedback is constructive. I learn by doing, trying, exploring. My attitude and effort determine my abilities.

Fixed Mindset = I’m not good at certain things, my abilities are fixed. I’m not able to change, it’s too hard. When I get frustrated or meet obstacles, I give up. I don’t like to be challenged; I’m so fearful of failure, I don’t attempt at all. Feedback is critical and I take it personally. Change is too scary, I can’t do it – I’m not strong enough.

Which mindset, growth or fixed might keep you stuck in your current situation?

Mindset 4: My vision of success reflects me and me alone.

Your values (what’s important to you) influence your choices and behaviour. If you are living in alignment with your values, you will experience contentment and satisfaction and alignment! If you are living in conflict with your values you will experience frustration, low energy and burnout.

Your definition of freedom, success, contentment, fulfilment is the only one relevant to your journey and your vision. Your version of success and contentment is all that matters.

Mindset 5: My self-belief is my choice.

What is a belief? Is it a fact, an opinion, trust in something?

It is an acceptance that something is true.

Your beliefs frame your world view and frame your experience of the world. Your self belief frames your expectations. You get to decide what you believe – you get to decide who and what you are and are not. Don’t hold onto beliefs that don’t serve you – question them, challenge them – change them!

What future are your thoughts leading you to?

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