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Sinead Rafferty Career Coaching Ireland

career CHANGE


Everything Begins With An Idea

feeling stuck in a career that doesnt suit you & isn't fulfilling?

Are you ready for something new but you're fearful of change - full of great ideas but your confidence is on the floor?

Do you spend time searching for a new path, dreaming of possibilities but then feel totally overwhelmed

and don't know where to start?

Making a career change is a big move

and it takes thoughtful and strategic action.




I created this guide to help you:

Navigate fears & doubts before they stop you in your tracks

Focus your mind on the first steps you need to take

Bring your ideas & vision to life by inspiring you to embrace a new perspective

I'm sINEAD...

I help innovative and creative professionals and  budding entrepreneurs

pursue a career path that lights them up!

I help them breathe life into their ideas and gain the confidence they need to develop those ideas.

Do you want to make an impact, follow your vision and finally achieve that freedom you've been craving?


You’re here for a reason


How many people do you know who are suffocating

in a job they don't love?

It is a global phenomenon - talents and gifts never expressed

and brilliant ideas never seeing the light of day!


Because it's scary.

Change requires daring and courage.

It requires standing up for what you want

and many people aren't willing to go there.

But you are...

It is possible to pursue your own unique version of success.

Give yourself the permission to express who you are.

Breathe life into your ideas

  Working a job you hate 

or at home buzzing with ideas...

If you’ve got ambitions, dreams and ideas that light you up

but you have no clue how to get started 

- you're in the right place!


Let’s talk today about how

you can take that first step to freedom!

David - Editor

"Sinead has a real skill of not only asking the right questions, but nudging you to ask questions of yourself that lead to answers hidden inside. I wasn't forced onto any pre-set path, rather I was left feeling 'of course this is the way to go'. It felt totally natural and crafted to me"


Artist & Energy Healer 

"It was like Sinead opened a door that I didn't know existed and has given me the inspiration to start taking my business seriously. It was like she looked into my brain, saw the issues holding me back and was able to get me to speak about it gently and gracefully"

Shauna - Musician

"After just one session with Sinead, I felt so positive and energised.

I was brimming with new ideas about the next chapter in my life and ready to explore any of the fears holding me back"