How brilliant are you? Do you give yourself enough credit?

Do you give yourself enough credit?

The answer is probably not.

I see it in ALL my clients; they underestimate, downplay or downright dismiss their capabilities & talent. We are back to my old favourite – it is difficult to see the wood for the trees in your own situation.

I have spoken to youth workers who think it’s no big deal to work with troubled teens, midwives who see supporting childbirth as a natural calling and production managers who see complex logistics as a walk in the park.

Could you work with troubles teens, help a mother bring her baby into the world or organise a production involving 100s of components?!

These are just a few examples of how we naturally dismiss our own talent; the skills or traits we view as ‘normal’ are so very challenging and so very valuable to others.

Humility, of course, is an admirable trait, but a healthy, confident humility is what we should be aiming for, which includes a recognition of what we can offer our industry, workplace or business in a way that others cannot.

This is on my mind this week as I had my own ‘aha’ moment when I was reading back on some old content and realised I was giving myself zero credit for the amount of dedication, commitment and progress I have made in my own life and business in the past year or two.

As a coach I have oodles of knowledge on personal growth and development but I am on the same journey of self discovery and development as everyone else.

As we expand and grow, we can get stuck in our minds and not recognise the progress we have made – so I’d like you to look back over the past few years and ask yourself – am I giving myself enough credit for how far I’ve come and how kick-ass I am?

This might be challenging for most so here’s a few prompts to help you list out all the ways you kick ass professionally and indeed personally. (The two are interwined of course.)

Go with me on this, your self-worth will thank me.

  • I have ________ years’ experience in XYZ
  • I have knowledge on XYZ​​​​​​​
  • The 5 top qualities that define me are XYZ​​​​​​​
  • I am passionate about XYZ​​​​​​​ which makes me brilliant at XYZ​​​​​​​ and invaluable to XYZ

Tune into how you’re feeling once you’ve done this exercise. I guarantee your confidence levels will be up.

If you find it cringey and near impossible to do – you are most likely giving too much – you are perhaps people pleasing and not prioritising your own needs. You can turn this around and it doesn’t take much. Try saying a very small NO to something this week.

If you don't give yourself the credit, no one will. This applies to both employees and entrepreneurs.

External validation feels great but it is always fleeting, so don’t wait for the next review or testimonial. Internal validation lasts, it endures and snowballs and becomes a strong foundation for you to build upon, to develop and grow and experience our own potential.

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