I have worked in 10+ different industries (on my search for freedom) and here’s what I learned...

I wanted to give you some insight into the variety that underpins my own journey towards Career Alignment to point out the value in the journey.

The wisdom, knowledge and learning you cultivate along the way means that you are never 'going back to square one'. It isn't possible.

Taking stock of your journey and the vast amount of experience you have will lead you towards alignment and an empowered decision for your future and for your next step.

Throughout my career & colourful professional history, I have worked in:


Sales & Retail

Teaching & Training



Youth Work

Career Guidance




Event Management


Music Performance

I don't regret one moment of the journey - imagine how this broad range of experience informs my work today - my coaching services? My experience and insight into such a variety of industries enhances my coaching and increases my understanding of my clients experience.

Top 3 insights from my journey-to-date:

1. I identified my values – I could feel when I was aligned with them - feeling content, energised, enthusiastic. And I could feel when I was living in conflict with them - frustration, exhaustion, boredom!

For me, Freedom, Autonomy, Variety, Accomplishment & Authenticity are top of the list!

My work today, thankfully is in alignment with all of these.

2. I learned what environment suited me and what environment drained my energies and left me feeling dull and heavy. Offices, big crowds & an overly structured environment don’t work for me. I learned that I was an extroverted introvert (ambivert) and that my creativity needed space to breathe!

3. I learned about my varied interests and what really lights me up! I gathered skills, perspective, experience & knowledge that helps me to highlight when, where and how I am at my best and playing to my strengths.

The ultimate learning point though and the one I’d love for you to take away with you today is this:

Everyone dismisses what they’re good at as ‘normal’.

Everyone underestimates their value, their contribution, their uniqueness. Because it feels so 'normal', they label their offering as 'not so special’ or 'no big deal' and often take little or no action to shine in the very area they thrive in!

Isn't that madness when you think about it? Imagine if the greatest musicians or artists or medical minds or authors orengineers decided not to lean into their strengths? Imagine what the world would have missed out on!

I underestimated my skills and gifts for years – my sensitivity, empathy, ability to think globally & strategise, my ability to dream and vision and brainstorm, my ability to hold space for others as they find their own alignment. (I’m still working on it to be honest!)

Don’t dismiss your genius – don’t dismiss the ideas in the back of your mind – the ones you leave for 'some day' - these are the ideas and passions and interests that will bring you the most joy and fulfilment. Set them free!

Do you have trouble getting clear on your zone of genius?!

I can help you define it, connect with it and live it.

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