YES YOU CAN! Align with the path that feels GOOD !

I have a simple message for you today – at the risk of sounding like Barack Obama– YES YOU CAN.

I know there are lots of you out there who need to hear this today and every day.

You have doubts and fears and ifs and buts and maybes rolling around in your head and you’re very tempted to give into them, it feels like the easier route – it’s less stressful right now, it’s not as much hassle, but I promise you – if you are denying yourself your true path in life the resistance will build gradually and as time passes, taking action seems even harder, even more challenging.

Every time you say NO to yourself and your genuine wishes in life, every time you procrastinate on your happiness, you are building momentum towards frustration and discontent.

Imagine building momentum towards fulfilment instead, towards alignment and authenticity!

You don’t have to move mountains today, this week or even this year – just do ONE thing today that represents a YES to yourself, however small.

I love this quote by Nelson Mandela:

It always seems impossible until it is done….

The unknown and the new will always seem distant from you and challenging; by calling it closer to you and making it the known, it all becomes very doable, step-by-step.

So whatever your vision is whether it’s a career change, a new job, entrepreneurship, a new course of study, a new path altogether – it IS possible…you CAN do it when you align with the path of least resistance.

How the hell do you do that?!

It’s simpler than you think – alignment means trusting yourself and your own judgement, it means feeling happier every day, choosing to do the things that make you happy. As you do so, all will flow and become easier over time and you’ll wonder why you ever doubted it and why the hell you didn’t take action sooner ! Mark my words.

If you’re in a rough place right now and choosing to be happy sounds more frustrating than it’s worth – find one thing to be happy about or grateful for in your day – a lovely cup of coffee, the fresh sheets on the bed, the blue sky that we haven’t seen in weeks…and practice that daily for a week or two – then move to 2 things daily and allow for the alignment process to spread into all areas of your life.

Trust It.

Here’s an exercise for you to do – it’s called ‘Trust it’.

Imagine your life 12 months from now and everything has worked out as you’d hoped – write down 5 amazing outcomes.

Now imagine your life 12 months from now and nothing has changed, you didn’t attempt to make any changes or move forward; fear took over and nothing in your life has changed – everything stayed the same - write down 5 outcomes.

Now ask yourself – which one do you choose to align with? Which feels better?

Always follow what feels good for YOU !!

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Bravely Be You

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