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Replay - June 7th 2023

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"Purpose-Driven Highly Sensitives are the shakers, the change-makers & visionaries among us.

Lean into your empowered vision & bring your magic to the world"

Sinead Rafferty

HSP Alignment Coach

Sinead is such a beautiful generous soul with fabulous insight and ninja questioning skills that get right to the heart of the matter. In a very short space of time, Sinead was able to pinpoint the challenge I faced and helped me unlock something which was transformational

to how I see myself. The sun has come out again and I feel much lighter. Thank you so much Sinead for your support. What a delight!

Lisa Parkes

Smiley Coach

- Champion of Children & Author

Sinead is incredibly talented at what she does. She has the rare ability to know exactly the perfect questions to ask. It was like she looked into my brain, saw the issues holding me back and was able to get me to speak about it gently and gracefully. She is everything I look for in a coach...intelligent, articulate, kind, intuitive and creative in her approach. It was like she opened a door that I didn't know existed...

Erin Kelly

Energy Healer & Artist

My time with Sinead was incredibly valuable, she helped focus my mind, refine ideas and left me feeling energised and inspired to progress. She has a real skill of not only asking the right questions, but nudging you to ask questions of yourself that lead to answers hidden inside. I wasn’t forced onto any pre-set path, rather I was left with a feeling of “of course this is the way to go.” It felt totally natural and crafted to me"

David Stevens


Sinead, being an empathetic and intuitive coach quickly noticed my strengths and weaknesses. From her background in counseling and business management,
she designed 'on the spot' personalized development content for me. One of Sinead's superpowers is helping you see potential where you might not believe there is any.

Liz Maguire

Digital Marketing Manager & Curator of Vintage Love Letters

Sinead really gets to know who you are and what drives you. All the resources and online tools she uses are great for getting you on the path that you want to be on, ultimately you make the decisions yourself but Sinead's years of coaching experience shines through as she gets you to ask the questions of yourself that need to be asked. I would definitely recommend Sinead to anyone needing a change in career.

Michael Gallagher

Engineer & Surf Instructor

Sinead helped me in all aspects of my life and provided me with the tools to focus on the goals that I wanted to achieve. I am in a much better position now and I have put the exercises that Sinead gave me into much practice. she is a very professional, positive and enthusiastic person with a drive to help people reach their target goal in life - personally and professionally.

Eimear Byrne

Interior Designer

Sinead was highly recommended to me by a friend. Sinead certainly lived up to her reputation and did not disappoint. I was at a stage of my life where I was nearly broken and feared a downward spiral.

Sinead helped me in all aspects of my life and provided me with the tools to focus on the goals that I want to achieve.

Grace Herraghty

Food Blogger & Project Manager

After just one session with Sinead, I felt so positive and energised. I was brimming with new ideas about the next chapter in my life and ready to explore any fears that were holding me back from achieving my dreams.

She was able to help me articulate my dreams and aspirations all while showing real empathy and understanding about my life.

Shauna Ward

Musician & Educator

Sinead is a wise, insightful and highly intuitive coach. She helped me find confidence & clarity with where I am at and guides me forward. I have told her she is like a ‘wizardess’ – she guides you to learn about yourself. I have so much I could say about Sinead and can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone at any stage of their life or career.

Saoirse Bennett

Operations Executive

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